WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 2)

15. mars. 2018
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After Bombing by Boris Kudoyarov / RIA Novosti archive
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Char T-34 by Antonov14
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German Cross by Lyon Cyborg
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  • Who would win? One of the strongest armys Europe has ever seen. Or Some cold white stuff.

    Breeki ManBreeki Man2 minutter siden
  • Sweden is good Norway Is good Finland is good

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  • Your animations are good

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  • Can you do a video on the continuation war with Finland and Russia

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  • snow Why are you even scrolling? just go see another comment... Are you still scrolling? Why Are You Still Scrolling Germany lost

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  • А кто сыграл ключивую роль над победой над фашистами?

    Glab АнтипенGlab Антипен13 timer siden
  • It scares me how close hitler was to actually winning the war

    The forgotten NoobThe forgotten Noob14 timer siden
  • 9:24 “danish sailors” lol

    Lil ManeLil Mane15 timer siden
  • This is my opinion of the video 2:34

    That idiot personThat idiot personDag siden
  • 7:00 top 10 harshest battles in anime

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  • im here for my history homework

    darth vaderrrdarth vaderrrDag siden
  • Can't believe we lost

    Adolf DriplerAdolf DriplerDag siden
  • Hitler: I got the strongest army surrender idiots. Stalin: S. N. O. W

    Aaron HallAaron HallDag siden
  • You should have mentioned Soviet preparing to invade Japan not just the nuclear bomb seeing that many historians believe this was a bigger reason for Japans surrender. If you believe Oliver Stones documentary the damage of the nuclear bombs was not bigger then the already ongoing firebombing of other cities.

    Martin TornborgMartin TornborgDag siden
  • Too many shots on the foot... One shot in head...

    Pieface RobloxPieface RobloxDag siden
  • you should make a video about the titanic

    Madison RobertsMadison RobertsDag siden
  • I feel bad how he didn't mention nazy puppet states. Like Crotaia who made their own Auschwitz. They were committing so many horrible crimes against the Serbs and Montenegrins. The things they did actually made Germans look in disgust.

    montenegroballmontenegroballDag siden
  • Jesus is our lord and savior

    Isabel PetersonIsabel PetersonDag siden
  • ocean = lethal combat that is Indonesia ma man

    ElectroBrocoliElectroBrocoliDag siden
  • This guy explains better than my history teacher

    WinoWWinoWDag siden
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  • 0:10

    ピツコPitsukoピツコPitsukoDag siden
  • The Nazi’s of a new set up in a few days and a half years later and I think I would be happy with it I think it was the only thing that could happen to you in a little while I think I have a little more to it and it was really nice and the other one was so real I love the little ones I love you and you have a good time with me I hope you have some great day and you are a good friend I hope you have some great day I hope you have some good time at the house I hope you have some great time today I hope you have some great time I hope you have some good day I hope you have some great time I hope you have some good day I hope you have some great time I love your day hope you’re doing ok hope you’re feeling good hope you’re having fun with you I love you so much hope you have a good day.

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  • Fun Fact: Every year the Netherlands gives Canada thousands or millions of tulips every year as thanks for liberating the Netherlands from the Germans, and for helping to keep the royal family safe during WW2 as well, as they fled to Canada after Germany began invading.

    Connor HamlinConnor Hamlin2 dager siden
  • alan turing whoooooooo

    Mayank TomarMayank Tomar2 dager siden
  • Wrong flag

    Vincent FontaineVincent Fontaine2 dager siden
    • @Vincent Fontaine yep 👍

      LadelLadelDag siden
    • @Ladel ok thanks for the info

      Vincent FontaineVincent FontaineDag siden
    • @Vincent Fontaine I'm not sure. hmm. The maple leaf one was first used in 1965, not sure if your talking about that one

      LadelLadelDag siden
    • @Ladel he used the old canadien flag which Canada changed 150 years ago if I remember correctly

      Vincent FontaineVincent FontaineDag siden
    • where

      LadelLadelDag siden
  • Idk what it is but the narrator's voice makes this a whole lot more enjoyable

    Sajiko tailSajiko tail2 dager siden
  • Tobruk is an interesting part of the war.

  • Europe : exists Trump : have some weapons

    MilkMilk2 dager siden
    • Definitely not trump. Do you know when WW2 happened?

      Fire HeartFire HeartDag siden
  • Hitler: we have you four to one Stalin: I like those odds

    Linkjozee878Linkjozee8782 dager siden
  • 👍👍👍👍

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  • Switzerland is just vibing in the middle!! It is fine - Switzerland in 1912 -1918, 1939 - 1945

    Rakhi SaraswatRakhi Saraswat2 dager siden
  • An Australian(desert continent perosn)force in sahara Me:desert continet Army in a desert,of course therye not gonna fall

    Ayden GaarBGAyden GaarBG2 dager siden
  • germany : We gotta number 1 victory royale yeah fortnite we bout to get down, get down 10 kills on the board rn just wiped out the russian empire.

    RenRen2 dager siden
  • 3:10 let’s go aussies

    Louis von DoussaLouis von Doussa2 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: There was one German ship by the name of "Graf Spee" that escaped to the Rio de la Plata, but the Bri'ish chased down them, at 5:30am on the 13th December, a battle between the Graf Spee and 2 british ships, began in front of the Port of Montevideo, in Uruguay (i was surprised to hear this, because its my country), the ship barely survived and had to land in the port to evacuate the injured and repair the damages, but, it was so damaged, that on the 18th december, the crewmates decided to sink the ship in front of the coast.

    z_InotHack_zz_InotHack_z2 dager siden
    • There were 3 iirc. One of them being Ajax

      AppleRickAppleRickDag siden
  • I used to watch these videos every day for 6 months

    D MannarisD Mannaris3 dager siden
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  • Basically Germany and Japan were crushing everyone until America joined

    Dew itDew it3 dager siden
  • .

    taptap3 dager siden
  • 7:19 What’s that song? Plz if anyone could help that would be great

    JakeJake3 dager siden
  • At least Singapore is mentioned :)

    NBA KnowledgeNBA Knowledge3 dager siden
  • Canadian was also here on d-day

    edgazxedgazx3 dager siden
  • I like how this video is 2 years old but there is still an active communtity commenting

    DRK CYANDRK CYAN3 dager siden
  • "no they want us to surrender" "NUTS"

    DimoDimo3 dager siden
  • *Admiral* Nimitz.... not general

    TheReal SlimShadyTheReal SlimShady3 dager siden
  • I wonder if they actually used pycrete

    Seth Ivan Gary TibusSeth Ivan Gary Tibus3 dager siden
  • If only the nazis didn't add Japan in the war because Japan attacked U.S.A, Japan added U.S.A in the war making Germany lose

    ZyrannZyrann3 dager siden
    • I'd say this is wrong on to parts. 1. The US had already been actively helping the Allies in numerous ways by December 1941. This includes: actively supplying Allied nations with vital war material, giving the UK ships to bulk up their fleet (though the British weren't exactly happy with the ships they got since they were old), taking up garrisoning duties for the UK, and protecting "all" trade in the Atlantic Ocean against merchant raiders. Keep in mind Germany and Italy were actively blockaded by the UK, so all trade really just meant Allied trade. These actions led in the US Navy going to blows with the German Kreigsmarine, particularly their submarines, on numerous occasions in 1941 (before Pearl Harbor). This resulted in the loss of a dozen US merchantmen, the damaging of several American destroyers, and the sinking of the USS Reuben James, a US Destroyer with about 100 lives lost. 2. Even after Pearl Harbor, the US didn't initially declare war on Germany. It was actually Germany which declared war on the US first, trying to show how good allies they were to Japan, so Japan would be willing to invade the USSR from the east, taking pressure off the German military.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The BearDag siden
  • Yeah aussiesssss u rekt German and Italy

    GushingGushing3 dager siden
  • Meanwhile me in hoi4 as Italy: MAKE... MORE... CILVIL... WARS

  • Germany: *constantly bombs Britain during ww2* WW3: *happens* Germany now with nukes: well what do we have here?

    KevinDaXenomorph EspinosaKevinDaXenomorph Espinosa3 dager siden
  • Why did I get linked to this?

    QEM-Queen Explosion MurdererQEM-Queen Explosion Murderer3 dager siden
  • Cant believe My Dad wont let me learn about the war

    MyWifiSucksMyWifiSucks3 dager siden
  • So basically , Germany almost had it but forgot that america only spends money on guns .......

    OBOYZOBOYZ4 dager siden
    • No that was the ussr

      Jayden CabelloJayden Cabello3 dager siden
  • Italy is that lazy kid

    RogueDiamondRogueDiamond4 dager siden
  • America is like that kid who is always late.

    RogueDiamondRogueDiamond4 dager siden
    • but good at everything for no reason lol

      tom comment londontom comment londonDag siden
  • 10:12 The invasion of Normandy at Omaha that you said here was actually the first scene from the movie "Saving Private Ryan"

    DevGuyAhnafDevGuyAhnaf4 dager siden
    • @DevGuyAhnaf God bless you

      Jayden CabelloJayden CabelloDag siden
    • @Jayden Cabello I am not the type of "toxic" person who hurts others. Also, I know that the movie was about WWII, I was just pointing that part out.

      DevGuyAhnafDevGuyAhnaf3 dager siden
    • Besucase that’s what the movie is about and don hurt me people after this comment okie? Just letting you know

      Jayden CabelloJayden Cabello3 dager siden
  • Jugoslavia actually did join Hitler but he invaded them anyway because he didnt see them as alies any more.

    RG IMSTEAMRG IMSTEAM4 dager siden
  • Can you do a video on the Vietnam war please I’ll be super fun

    enrique perezenrique perez4 dager siden
  • ok. so hitler died becoz of the austria (idk wat) winter. hitler: YEET heck what the--- stalin: shut up ur already ded

    Fernando ChengFernando Cheng4 dager siden
    • hmm, watch the video again

      bluebonnetxbluebonnetx4 dager siden
  • 7:19 name of this song is: from russia with love

    YasserYasser4 dager siden
    • Thank you!!!!!

      JakeJake3 dager siden
  • Switzerland: *sleeps*

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  • Green land being quiet

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  • Japanese soldiers in ww2 in a nutshell when their about to lose a battle ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • oversimplified: the war has end me: the war is not ended oversimplified: what do u mean me: then why is there cold war? oversimplified: idk

    xx23 zachxx23 zach4 dager siden
  • It’s insane and sad how close the axis was to actually winning

    EvanJPHEvanJPH5 dager siden
  • I like it how you think the US/UK would of defended the Pacific Ocean 🤣🤣 We all know us Aussies woulda flogged anyone on our territory Tell the world come🤣💯

    Sleepy WeaknessSleepy Weakness5 dager siden
  • Do you know this is a really weird ass show

    Es11Es115 dager siden
    • @PixieChowTime congratulations you subscribe to SML 😃

      Es11Es115 dager siden
    • @PixieChowTime i’m just saying it’s actually interesting

      Es11Es115 dager siden
    • No?

      PixieChowTimePixieChowTime5 dager siden
  • You didn't mention Hitler's suicide.

    Ajax KunAjax Kun5 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does this channel make anyone else want to play risk?

    L BruhinL Bruhin5 dager siden
  • Meanwhile switzerland Can i have a popcorn please

    Disney WorldDisney World5 dager siden
  • as a historian I feel physical pain watching this

    Acid FantasyAcid Fantasy5 dager siden
  • Meanwhile Switzerland: **eats popcorn**

    breadbuttrjambreadbuttrjam5 dager siden
  • Honestly Hitler attacking Russia is the dumbest move in history dumber than Adam eating the cursed apple. Germany and Italy exhausted their militaries they should've stopped and been happy with what they accomplished yet they attacked one of the strongest country in the world while having one of their legs broken. Kinda naiive

    Joker 911Joker 9115 dager siden
    • @Wojtek The Bear ah yes I apologize I didn't really mean the strongest country 😅 I was just trying to claim it was one of the strongest I got mixed up

      Joker 911Joker 9114 timer siden
    • @Joker 911 I never argued that the USSR wasn't able to recover. That wasn't your claim. You claim was that "yet they [Germany] attacked the strongest country" This was not the case in 1941, and this was still not the case in 1942. The reason that the USSR was eventually able to turn things around is because they had the industrial capability to outproduce Germany. So when Germany attacked the USSR in 1941, the USSR was not stronger than them militarily. But by 1943 the Soviets were much better equipped than they were in 1941. It's similar for Japan and the US in the Pacific. In 1941, the two nations had relative fleet parity in the Pacific, but throughout the entire war, Japan was only able to build one fleet carrier. The US built over 20.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The Bear4 timer siden
    • @Wojtek The Bear the war with Finland is really uncomparable to the war with Germany here the ussr didn't take the war seriously as of Finland having a much weaker army than the ussr but in Germany's case they had the power to invade their country however Germany's army was originally stronger than the ussr back then but from the amount of countries they have invaded their military was severely weakened my argument here still lies about why Hitler would attack such a powerful union even though he knew his army was limited, I'm not saying the ussr was the strongest country but it was a global super power too, if your argument is correct whether the ussr's army being weaker than Germany's explain how they won the whole war 😅

      Joker 911Joker 91115 timer siden
    • In 1941 it's extremely hard to argue that the Soviet military was the strongest in the world. You might (might!) be able to argue that they were stronger than the German military (though I wouldn't even make that argument), but the Winter War with Finland exposed a lot of the USSR's military weaknesses in 1940-1941. Their army wasn't well equipped, especially compared to their German counterparts, and their high command was mostly inexperienced and not well-suited to their job as Stalin just got done purging a huge chunk of the military officers for perceived disloyalty. This left the Soviet military ill-equipped, badly led for the most part, and badly positioned for a potential German invasion. Hence why they lost so much territory so quickly in 1941, and why they continued to lose territory for much of 1942.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The BearDag siden
  • At midway the Americans actually sank 6 carriers 4 heavy and 2 light carriers

    NatSon GamezNatSon Gamez5 dager siden
  • Brazil ?

    Davi - O Matador de pro player - Mobile LegendsDavi - O Matador de pro player - Mobile Legends5 dager siden
  • In the end It doesn't even matter

    Sumit MukharjeeSumit Mukharjee5 dager siden
  • If the Japanese were smart, they should of lanched war in russia while germany was at war with them

    Foxy GamesFoxy Games5 dager siden
    • They did....sorta. They tried to invade the USSR before Operation Barbarossa (1937 if my memory is correct). They invaded Mongolia, then part of the USSR, but they got their nose bloodied in a pitched engagement with the Soviets. Both sides took so many casualties that they signed a non-aggression treaty soon after. Hence why Japan never invaded the USSR during Operation Barbarossa. They were under treaty not to attack the USSR, and they had every intention of holding it.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The BearDag siden
  • Hitler: What a grand and intoxicating innocence! Wait... NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!

    Shaveski 11Shaveski 115 dager siden
  • ばンザイイイイイイイイイイイ

    A Goblin Cat化け猫A Goblin Cat化け猫5 dager siden
  • do the Cold War

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    • He did

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  • You should do an oversimplified video on The Chinese Civil War

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  • no battle of the Bulge? are you nuts?

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  • Did you use the flag of Macedonia for Japan?

    Chelly TamChelly Tam6 dager siden
  • *actually builds pykrete aircraft*

    TurtleFeatherTurtleFeather6 dager siden
  • Germans: "Surrender or be annihilated." Americans: "NUTS!" 🤣🤣🤣

    Charles PatulinCharles Patulin6 dager siden
  • If WW3 happens, it will be between USA and China, spiced up with Russia, Europe and a little bit of North Korea.

    Mœw FallMœw Fall6 dager siden
    • And you US would win because the only real allies they have are pathetic African countries and Russia (sometimes.)

      CProw09CProw095 dager siden
  • Oversimplified: the first 1,000 people only get 1.00 for skill share 32 million people watching: dang it

    Inferno TrizInferno Triz6 dager siden
  • He forgot about Iwo Jima

    Inferno TrizInferno Triz6 dager siden
  • The Japanese reached India ....and the last battle was in my hometown kohima ...!! The Battle of Kohima was hell 🤺🤺🤺

    i_am_oreoi_am_oreo6 dager siden
  • The lessons is that you v Can never be powerulf

    Carlos MarinoCarlos Marino6 dager siden
  • Stalin: Brace yourself. Winter is coming.

    ythoytho6 dager siden
  • hitler: imma take all the oil russia: ooohhh cocky imma win *germany invades russia* russia: nevermind

    lars senlars sen6 dager siden
  • 5:10 funny how there's a US flag underneath a British ship im sorry i had to

    meat popsiclemeat popsicle6 dager siden
  • It’s weird to think that the first one has less views then this one

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  • imagine if he got accepted into that art school

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