WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

15. mars. 2018
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  • Plot twist: someone time-travelled back into early 1900s and showed this video to Churchill xD

    Pyrdacors RollenspielarchivPyrdacors RollenspielarchivMinutt siden
  • Where is poles in battle of london

    PolishAnimationStudioPolishAnimationStudioTime siden
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  • Shame on You. You are full of communist propaganda over Yougoslavian Kingdome. Fact is that on the Nazi pressure and no help from ,, Friends,, Politisians push under age Prince Petar to make any agreement on 23 of March. But people revolte on 27 of March and Prince Petar took situations under control. He declare him a King Petar 2nd of Yougoslavia and sead NO to Hitler. How der you to put us the SERBIANS in the Nazi hands when we the Serbians lost 1,2 milions of our compatriots in fight against Nazis. By the way F.. you , F... you twice you ignorant morrons.

    Boban StojkovicBoban Stojkovic6 timer siden
  • But I am Italian

    Anthony CaliriAnthony Caliri7 timer siden
  • 5:58-6:01 Me and The Bois when Prince Philip dies: Hitler=Me and The Bois Step 1=Prince Philip Dies Step 2=Queen Elizabeth Dies Step 3=Prince Charles Becomes King Step 4=Prince William Becomes King

    NorAisah Abdul SamadNorAisah Abdul Samad9 timer siden
  • All of this helped me during History so thank you oversimplified

    Avengers AsembleAvengers Asemble10 timer siden
  • All these for nothing 😐

    MURPHY 369MURPHY 36911 timer siden
  • The two bald haircut of him made him look like dwayne johnson

    Chillin in minecraft :DChillin in minecraft :D12 timer siden
  • Made me laugh 9:07

    Pippes _Pippes _13 timer siden
  • Isn't this happening right now with China?XD

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  • Pretty sure Canada was part of the allies

    Ryan SheehanRyan Sheehan17 timer siden
    • Yes, doesn’t it show on oversimplified’s map?

      Drumick DDrumick D15 timer siden
    • Yes

      Liam reacts and More!Liam reacts and More!16 timer siden
  • 1:14, skip skillshare

    Sammie NtumngiaSammie Ntumngia18 timer siden
  • 0:33 da lick

    joya †joya †19 timer siden
  • you know, i'm starting to see a lot of similarities between the sudetenland situation and whats going on in ukraine right now...

    Dylan MooreDylan Moore20 timer siden
  • Bad Karma of stealing lands from other countries returned to the French Empire by Imperial Germany 🇩🇪

    Veroniciany VeronicaVeroniciany Veronica20 timer siden

    Alex KolodziejAlex Kolodziej20 timer siden
  • Here's my version of WW2 over simplified: 1. The Axis powers attack first and expand their territory vastly. 2. The allies fight back and push the axis powers back to their original borders. There you have it. Just saved you a lot of time.

    KSarah SarahKSarah Sarah23 timer siden
  • Imagine an interwiew in the 30's Italy -Who was your teacher? Benito Mussolini. You are hired!

    Zsombor PatakiZsombor PatakiDag siden
  • 1:16

    NotAJ88 VodsNotAJ88 VodsDag siden
  • So heres the situation... That was gold!

    James ConnorJames ConnorDag siden
  • 13:12 ironic but classic haha

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  • Mousilini knocks over a bin Pooja, what is this behaviour?

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    • I wish he was still alive so they could force him to watch that super cut. It would be amazing to see how angry they would get to know the modern world mocks them.

      Shane HurleyShane Hurley19 timer siden
  • 1:18

    ピツコPitsukoピツコPitsukoDag siden
  • notice how they had to blur out the braclets with flags on em?

    Connor RoddeyConnor RoddeyDag siden
  • Most of this is technically not true

    David DewsonDavid DewsonDag siden
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  • What did we learn kids? If the Germans want something, they are damn well gonna get it, and throw everything they have at it.

    Lego SkeletonLego SkeletonDag siden
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  • We should have won

    Adolf DriplerAdolf DriplerDag siden
  • In Abissinia we realized we were fighting with a well armed, smart army. Then we had to deal with their leaders to save our soldiers and maybe our reputation. Maybe.

    Into_The_SunInto_The_Sun2 dager siden
    • P.S: I read something about it. I'm not an expert, just a curious guy with some knowledge.

      Into_The_SunInto_The_Sun2 dager siden
  • why didn't you include Canada in the allies

    Vincent FontaineVincent Fontaine2 dager siden
  • I think oversimplified is from UK

    Aurelius WolfAurelius Wolf2 dager siden
  • hm

    Ethan YoungEthan Young2 dager siden
  • Fun fact : the exact spot my classroom is in was bombed during the blitz

    Boffy MobileBoffy Mobile2 dager siden
    • OOF

      Ethan YoungEthan Young2 dager siden
  • It's crazy how close germany came to winning. . . it gives you the chills if you think about what the world might have looked like if hitler would have won.

    the amorphous flatschthe amorphous flatsch2 dager siden
    • @Jason Taylor Uh, the US had troops in the UK (which is Europe) in early 1942. Otherwise I'm kind of confused by this statement considering the only Allied power which did have troops in Europe was the USSR, and that'd be a stretch considering the Eastern Front had been pushed far beyond what most people would consider Europe. For continental Europe, the US had troops in Europe as soon as the other Western Allies did as the US was part of the first wave into Sicily. Also the original US strategy was to invade continental Europe as soon as possible. It was the British, who knew the US troops were inexperienced, which pushed for an invasion of Western North Africa instead as they deemed it safer. Moreover, you're just shifting goal posts, so I shouldn't even have debated that point. Your original claim was that Germany was losing when the US joined the war. The US joined the war in December 1941. Germany wasn't losing in December 1941. No matter what, your claim was wrong. What happened in 1943 does not matter to your claim.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The Bear18 timer siden
    • @Wojtek The Bear Wrong. Heck the US did not even set foot onto Europe towards the end of 1943 And by then the the Nazis suffered there biggest defeat at Starlingrad which let the Soviet Union to push the Nazis back. Regarding the lend lease the Soviets was now producing more supplies than the Germans. The Germans failed to control the north sea and the. English channel thanks to the British navy which made D-day possible. The US involvement just made the war in Europe end quicker

      Jason TaylorJason TaylorDag siden
    • @Jason Taylor You're also wrong about German losing before the US entered the war. Germany made a lot of progress against the USSR in 1941, to the point where the Allies, particularly the Roosevelt Administration in the US, was wondering if it was even worth it to include the USSR in the Lend-Lease agreement considering the potential of those supplies ending up in Germany hands. By December 1941 (Pearl Harbor and US entry into the war), the German campaign had stalled out due to the winter weather, but they once again continued their campaign of conquest in the Spring of 1942, which is where their territory was at its largest. 1942 was also when the battle of Stalingrad happened. Also by 1941 the campaign in North Africa was a stalemate, but without reinforcements, the British didn't stand a great chance of beating the German army. It wasn't until Operation Torch in November 1942, where the Allies landed another two Army Groups in West Africa (I think, it could've been more) that the tides turned.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The BearDag siden
    • @Jason Taylor are you trolling?

      the amorphous flatschthe amorphous flatsch2 dager siden
    • @the amorphous flatsch He was never going to win

      Jason TaylorJason Taylor2 dager siden
  • Why is Hitler's room Belgian-themed? 3:55, that's the Belgian flag not German one xD

    Yenno TimmermansYenno Timmermans2 dager siden
  • "Hitler shot himself in the foot for now" had me

    MikeCamp39MikeCamp392 dager siden
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  • make more vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • woot woot

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  • its been 3 years my god

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  • Wow! You're so good at history! Me who watches oversimplified videos:SIGNATURE LOOK OF SUPERIORITY

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  • DTiedän puolan, mutta olen itse asiassa kotoisin Suomesta

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  • zabili mojego dziadka podczas II wojny światowej podczas tej inwazji, więc są do niczego

    Freddie BigzFreddie Bigz2 dager siden
  • źle mówisz polska

    Freddie BigzFreddie Bigz2 dager siden
  • why is Hitlers room in 3:57 full of belgium flags?

    Tim OTim O2 dager siden
  • Britain and France: yeah they had us in the first half I’m not gonna lie

    Hank the SavageHank the Savage2 dager siden
  • 13:12 “so hitler kinda shot himself in the foot, just the foot for now”

    Louis von DoussaLouis von Doussa2 dager siden
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  • As a pole I respect uk and france as they didn't have 2 help us but did respect

    ruffled playzruffled playz2 dager siden
  • Britain and France: if you invade Poland, it will mean war Hitler: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move

    Hank the SavageHank the Savage2 dager siden
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    Its MeIts Me3 dager siden
  • 5:30.

    Schrödinger's CatSchrödinger's Cat3 dager siden
  • I watched this about 30x not kidding

    GreigGreig3 dager siden
  • national socialism (5 lines down) anti socialist, what?

    successful failuresuccessful failure3 dager siden
  • 9:15 Top 10 smartest choices

    Miguel IbarraMiguel Ibarra3 dager siden
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      I like ya cut gI like ya cut g2 dager siden
    • 🤮

      Jason TaylorJason Taylor2 dager siden
    • Cringe. No wonder we laugh at people like you. Best nation far from it. The US has so many problems some even 3rd word level. But hey I can do with a laugh. Why is the US the best nation

      Jason TaylorJason Taylor2 dager siden
  • A great myth about the Maginot Line is that it was a waste since the Germans just went around it. Guess what, it was designed for that exact purpose and throughout the war the Germans never penetrated it. The Maginot Line fulfilled its designed purpose. (do we consider nuclear weapons to be a failure because after WWII they were never used in warfare nor did they deter conventional war?) The strategy was that the Maginot Line would force the Germans into a narrow corridor through the lowland countries (which it did) where France and Britain already had experience from WWI to effectively stop any push using trench defenses... What failed was the assumption that the Germans would also plan using WWI tactics when in fact they modernized those tactics to overcome the trench warfare failures.

    pop5678eyepop5678eye3 dager siden
    • I even hate to say the assumptions made by the Allies failed considering Germany originally DID plan to use WWI tactics 1940. Originally Germany had no plans to cross the Ardennes like they did, and were planning on using a plan similar to the Schlieffen Plan in 1914. IE: Invade Belgium then move south into France. This was the exact plan the Allies were set to counter in 1940 when they moved a majority of their forces, and their most experienced and modernized divisions, into Belgium in 1940. The only reason this didn't happen is because the German plans were captured by the Belgians in a fluke, so the German brass scrambled to create a new strategy.. This is where Mainstein was able to get a personal meeting with Hitler to go over his strategy, which ended up being the one we all know of. So ironically, the Allies would've been much better off if they never got the original German plans.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The BearDag siden
  • And the Germans were about. To penetrate it with everything they had. Seems like Germany was way naughty back then

    Home HomeHome Home3 dager siden
  • Things abt Hitler thatt u didnt list : Homophobic Power Hungry Takes over whatever he sees

    AzuriousEllaAzuriousElla3 dager siden
  • '' I can fix everything ''

    AzuriousEllaAzuriousElla3 dager siden
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    Jeke SchwinnJeke Schwinn3 dager siden
  • I learned about quesadillas

    Seth Ivan Gary TibusSeth Ivan Gary Tibus3 dager siden
  • No Italy Didn't Colonized Ethiopia(Abyssinia) get ur Facts first

    HabtomHabtom3 dager siden
  • His bed looks like Belgium 3:55

    redream 50redream 503 dager siden
  • Churchill got that new pear laptop

    caseoinkcaseoink3 dager siden
  • 1:16

    janajana3 dager siden
    • @jana okey

      caseoinkcaseoink3 dager siden
    • @caseoink lmao no i just wanted to bookmark where the sponsor bit ended

      janajana3 dager siden
    • What about it?

      caseoinkcaseoink3 dager siden
  • I was into this until they listed hitler and Mussolini had “anti socialism” in common, when they were both 100 percent socialists.

    SolcratesSolcrates3 dager siden
    • @Solcrates comparing national socialism to socialism is like comparing an apple with a fruit smoothie with one apple in it

      Friskyisland78Friskyisland78Dag siden
    • @Friskyisland78 uh... nazi literally translates to “national socialist”, lol.

      SolcratesSolcratesDag siden
    • Bro they hated socialism, communism and liberalism. Anything that wasn’t nativist

      Friskyisland78Friskyisland78Dag siden
  • Im watching this 45 minutes before my history exam

    somebody unknowsomebody unknow3 dager siden
  • 9:51 love how we just say “new phone who dis”

    MiroxionMiroxion3 dager siden

    KevinDaXenomorph EspinosaKevinDaXenomorph Espinosa3 dager siden
  • Why has Hitler decorated his room with belgian flags?

    LerJuLerJu3 dager siden
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  • make a video about oswald mosley

    ლუკა კირვალიძელუკა კირვალიძე3 dager siden
  • Italy never colonized abyssinian

    Yimer MekonnenYimer Mekonnen4 dager siden
  • It seems like hittler is cute the draw I do not like hittler but is so cute the draw

    Swam pertSwam pert4 dager siden
  • Imagine being a student of Mussolini and then a few years later you see him on TV spreading Socialism and Fascism to a huge crowd

    mxrmishmxrmish4 dager siden
  • outte houssen lmao

    Liam Valois-ReillyLiam Valois-Reilly4 dager siden
  • Hey! The British did something!

    The leaf observerThe leaf observer4 dager siden
    • Of course they did. The British did alot

      Jason TaylorJason Taylor4 dager siden
  • Since my history teacher started to show your videos for the class ... I started to love history even more

    Kayhan ArKayhan Ar4 dager siden
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  • Alternate history what if it was 1939 and WW2 was seconds from happening and suddenly all of the worlds clothes is deleted.

    SCP 079 OC: Euclid GermanSCP 079 OC: Euclid German4 dager siden
  • god damn that adrennes forest strat hit different holy shit

    JoshLoftyJoshLofty4 dager siden
  • Imagine fighting a war to stop people from getting murdered in camps only to make your own camps lol

    Matt HamiltonMatt Hamilton4 dager siden
    • The allies did not know about the death camps till towards the end of the war in Europe

      Jason TaylorJason Taylor4 dager siden
  • as my boss told me, Quantity has a quality all its own

    Georgy ZhukovGeorgy Zhukov4 dager siden
  • Diary of Mr Winston John Churchill 16/04/1941 "Today aehy cannot get Richardson Brothers to fix my watch, the German blockade of Seaports is causing supply trouble, Britain will enter the war and fight against the Germans the starting point unknown as yet, aehy will consult the King and then introduce the idea to Parliament vigorously" the catalyst for Britain fighting and earliest known notion this aforementioned diary entry from Churchill.

    Jason MorrisJason Morris4 dager siden
  • 1:18 Use this to skip the Skillshare crap at the beginning.

    just watch the video. If I’m here, it’s goodjust watch the video. If I’m here, it’s good4 dager siden
    • Rat

      Kamagrie last nameKamagrie last name4 dager siden
  • Wait so ur telling me that a country that is suffering all I have to say is i can fix everything and they will love me more than my family

    Lol BotLol Bot4 dager siden
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  • Imagine if the Allies won WW2, that would be a crazy alternate universe.

    SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePants5 dager siden
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    Schweaty BallsSchweaty Balls5 dager siden
  • Thank you, I wouldn't have passed my history project if it weren't for this vid!!!!!!!

    Edward FosterEdward Foster5 dager siden
  • Best history learning :)

    Mr GMr G5 dager siden
  • Fascism was supposed to be more Racist than Totalitarian, and it ended up the other way around?

    The Gaming KnightThe Gaming Knight5 dager siden
  • I love how the Germans were like WE HAVE THEM NOW and Britain was just like, lets chill in the shelter bro

    General KenobiGeneral Kenobi5 dager siden
  • Allies: Destroy Japan's natural resources and economics Japan: Invades China Allies: Why did Japan invade China?

    Vixarova Cesta VědomostíVixarova Cesta Vědomostí5 dager siden
    • @Wojtek The Bear Oh

      Vixarova Cesta VědomostíVixarova Cesta VědomostíDag siden
    • Uh, Japan didn't have much in natural resources to begin with. That was the whole point. The "Allies" never exploited Japan for its oil or rare earth minerals since, well, Japan didn't have much to speak of.

      Wojtek The BearWojtek The BearDag siden