Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified

11. april. 2019
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From Epidemic Sound:
Rannar Sillard - Battle Scars 1
Zauana - Encountering the Unknown
Trace Way - Journey Through the Desert
Sight of Wonders - King of Lions
Sight of Wonders - Rice and Wine
Leimoti - Silk Paper Letters
Yi Nantiro - Skilled in the Arts
Christian Andersen - Xin Li And The Concubine (2, 3, 8, 9 and 10)
From Artlist:
Kyle Preston - Eastern Relection
Kyle Preston - Eastern Tale
Gabriel Meyer - Breath Celebration
Runar Blesvik - Far East
Max Herve - Future Asia
Max Herve - Hang Drum Traveler
Alon Ohana - Keep Him By
Diezmo - Macera (ft. Baq)
Avi Goldfinger - Not Enough
Bottega Baltazar - Piova
Jonathan Barlow - Road in Thailand
Suraj Nepal - Son of Himalaya
Ian Post - The Agent
Alon Ohana - The Green Feel
Alon Ohana - Tribal Principle
Max Herve - Turning Around the Enemy
Alon Ohana - Victory
Doug Maxwell - Sao Meo
By Kevin MacCleod:
Eastern Thought
Ishikari Love

  • So this proves that china as claimed by ccp today never existed since the " ancient times". No manchuria, no inner mongolia, no Tibet, not 9 dash lines😀

    Gyurmeth LodroeGyurmeth Lodroe28 minutter siden
  • "your scheming uncle or your loyal eunuchs" omgoshhhhh 😂😂😂

    That 1 GirlThat 1 Girl2 timer siden
  • 6:13 adolf's father punished the eunuchs severly

    Solon ChanSolon Chan3 timer siden
  • Imagine if cao cao accepted lu bu’s offer

    Soviet OnionSoviet Onion5 timer siden
  • Who else noticed Alois in the background at 6:08 - 6:19?😂😂

    Pranav RamPranav Ram6 timer siden
  • 1:52 :What are you doing Step-Mom? : *Stabs vigorously*

    ThePro 69420ThePro 694207 timer siden
  • 7:05 *W H A T S U P N E R D S?!*

    Dick McCarthyDick McCarthy9 timer siden
  • 6:16 there is just Stalin spanking a dude in the background LOL

    BruhyeeBruhyee12 timer siden
  • This video can make easy to know three kingdoms history

    omsi bus studioomsi bus studio13 timer siden
  • bruh Oversimplified just rickrolled us in Chinese

    EpicQuaksEpicQuaks15 timer siden
  • 6:12 Hitler's dad decided that he should make the Dynasty more german

    Gabriel castilloGabriel castillo15 timer siden
  • 6:12 why Hitler's dad is there slapping them

    michael jordanmichael jordan19 timer siden
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    Claudio RodriguezClaudio Rodriguez20 timer siden
  • I was a History Major in college. Intent on becoming a Professor. Yadda yada yada. I genuinely enjoy your content.

    catholicdadcatholicdad20 timer siden
  • Please do the Sengoku period next! :D

    GrrumakemeangryGrrumakemeangryDag siden
  • 6:20 Hitlers father is back

    VJ•ReimVJ•ReimDag siden
  • 6:09 - 6:20 Hitler’s dad spanking

    ClubFan2000 By NobleUraClubFan2000 By NobleUraDag siden
  • There's so much chaos it makes Mexican standoffs look like picnics

    Brenden LybargerBrenden LybargerDag siden
  • As Chinese, I recommend youguys to watch the original or translation of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms instead of any TV series. Believe me, it is as exciting as A Song of Ice and Fire.I really love both of them.

    多啦s梦666多啦s梦666Dag siden
  • I watched this more than 10 times already, never gets old. but I don't know if it's because I really like Chinese history/culture or because of the animation and explanation of the video.

    chimaru.mp3chimaru.mp3Dag siden
  • Heeey hitler's dad what are doing in here 6:10

    interesting thingsinteresting thingsDag siden
  • can anyone make korean lyrics?

    병글병글병글병글Dag siden
  • 6:08 adolfs father slapping the eunich

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    Gamer xdGamer xdDag siden
  • Man, if all of this was completely made up, that was quite the bored Chinese guy with one hell of an imagination and a crap ton of free time....

    Big Brother XellosBig Brother XellosDag siden
  • 17minutes for a 100-200 year war that has taken me more than a week to learn?

    NBA KnowledgeNBA KnowledgeDag siden
    • Basically a bunch of warlords tried to take advantage of the child emperor and this started a war

      NBA KnowledgeNBA KnowledgeDag siden
  • 6:07 I love that hitlers father makes an appearance here

    Aydan DamskyAydan DamskyDag siden
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  • 1:52 Noted.

    Bread EmployeeBread EmployeeDag siden
  • I love that he included Alouis Hitler on the background 6:08

    nicholas coradonicholas corado2 dager siden
  • 8:39 those chinese poem scrolls are written “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down” damnn finally my bilingual skill are used

    SHABDASHABDA2 dager siden
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  • 6:08 the back ground Adolfo father

    Obidragon Beast slumberObidragon Beast slumber2 dager siden
  • Ccc

    Bird guyBird guy2 dager siden
  • "then it broke again"

    richard seabyrichard seaby2 dager siden
  • look closely Hitlers dad time traveled 6:09

    Albert Joseph PaulAlbert Joseph Paul2 dager siden
  • 8:59 Big ketchup 9:07 Ketchup Disappear

    hamdi mohchejhamdi mohchej2 dager siden
  • 0:22 rickroll

    Janet LazarJanet Lazar2 dager siden
  • Total War is my life!!!! Playin right now🤫

    Colby PriestColby Priest2 dager siden
  • 6:16 who is that guy spanking a euneuch in the background?

    Enrique Noah Carino IIEnrique Noah Carino II2 dager siden
    • Alois Schicklgruber or simply, Alois Hitler. Or is it?

      g gg g2 dager siden
  • I like how at the start the sun is a red ball

    Pug GamePlayPug GamePlay2 dager siden
    • I mean like, sometimes the Sun is like that. Ive only seen that a few times.

      g gg g2 dager siden
  • I've watched this video so many times. It's amazing.

    Super_Super_3 dager siden
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  • Cao Caos Family: Dead Cao Cao: Some people said they saw a green sabre down the road. THEN SPEEDIN'WAY

    robina davidrobina david3 dager siden
  • Bad news:still no actually finds of the Xia dynasty. Good news:older cultures were found.

    Ted YoungTed Young3 dager siden
  • 张角(jue)可还行

    Ted YoungTed Young3 dager siden
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    TonyZTonyZ3 dager siden
  • I'm actually legitimately surprised how much I already knew from Dynasty Warriors games.

    Xenos BreedXenos Breed3 dager siden
  • 三国有魏国、蜀国和吴国 :D my english is not bad too

    Jovan TanJovan Tan3 dager siden
  • I hope you make vietnam history:)

    Hunter WolfHunter Wolf3 dager siden
  • 6:15 hilter dad is spanking some one

    araskaaraska3 dager siden
  • "Were the hell am I?"-sun tzu the art of war

    The leaf observerThe leaf observer3 dager siden
  • Modern chine government: *I N E T R E S T I N G*

    Chicano SimplicioChicano Simplicio3 dager siden
  • 6:15

    Fortress FighterFortress Fighter3 dager siden
  • Past: Three Kingdoms Present: Covid Kingdoms

    white arrowwhite arrow4 dager siden
  • come on man u missed all the fun parts, i read the book and there is so much more

    George NeyfieldGeorge Neyfield4 dager siden
  • Great move from three kingdoms to go to oversimplified for marketing.

    Mayank WMayank W4 dager siden
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  • Half of this is more detailed than my Chinese history textbook And Half of this is really really over-simplified

    PhoenixPhoenix4 dager siden

    Knut Kristian Andersen EggenKnut Kristian Andersen Eggen4 dager siden
  • I love your vids

    Jujhar SinghJujhar Singh4 dager siden
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  • My brother is irritating me right now......that’s it

    Diya BansalDiya Bansal5 dager siden
  • I love how OverSimplified made Liu Bei's ear's that big, since that was a particular detail in Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    CJHCJH5 dager siden
  • *"It's Lu Bu"* best phrase I've ever heard

    Charles PatulinCharles Patulin5 dager siden
  • 9:42 yuan shao is hella sus

    Bruh GamerBruh Gamer5 dager siden
  • 6:16 he punished him severely

    8-ball Gaming8-ball Gaming5 dager siden
  • I would watch this as a series on HBO...

    Shankar RoyShankar Roy6 dager siden
  • 6:08 at the staircase, I see Hitler’s father doing: “This enraged Adolf’s father, who punished him severely”

    JcbrzJcbrz6 dager siden
  • Is it Franz Ferdinand spanking that guy on the stairs?

    Michael BianchiMichael Bianchi6 dager siden
  • 6:15 in the background (by the left) hitler's dad is spanking some dude

    GeorgedabestGeorgedabest6 dager siden
  • Hey is Lu Bu the guy who fights Thor

    Sergio SandovalSergio Sandoval6 dager siden
    • You know from record of ragnarok

      Sergio SandovalSergio Sandoval6 dager siden
    • ????

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  • The guy getting sparked at 6:20

    Jackson SwykertJackson Swykert6 dager siden
  • Lu Bu is Michael Jordan confirmed. "You uhh.... Took my fiance? Yeah I took it personal."

    Luke CashLuke Cash6 dager siden
  • I can’t believe one can get rickrolled in a history video.

    Joy ZhangJoy Zhang7 dager siden
  • At this time there was no China... Koreans and others would argue.

    Kathy LimKathy Lim7 dager siden

    Ethan ForsythEthan Forsyth7 dager siden
  • Now i only remember some chinese voices.

    The NubBroThe NubBro7 dager siden
  • 10

    Mr. PresidentMr. President7 dager siden

    Santeri HärkänenSanteri Härkänen7 dager siden
  • I hope he makes more Chinese history videos!

    Ndade YNdade Y7 dager siden
  • No it was always communist :))))

    NordlænningNordlænning8 dager siden
  • 6:08 what is that up in the stairs?

    Memus PeemusMemus Peemus8 dager siden
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  • 3:50 that one dude holding the baguette

    Bubble GamingBubble Gaming8 dager siden
  • 6:08 I looked into the background and laughed

    Charlie StuckeyCharlie Stuckey8 dager siden
  • rip the guy getting butt slapped in 6:08

    Melat YosefMelat Yosef8 dager siden
    • Im pretty sure thats hitler's dad

      JinJin7 dager siden
  • 21 seconds in the video the bird Rick rolls ancient China

    iPlungeriPlunger8 dager siden
  • Random idiots: Even though we dont have dongs, Me: WTF!

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