The War of the Bucket - OverSimplified

21. sep.. 2019
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  • You're gona tell me by 2021 Bologna was never able to make a case to the entire Italian government for Modena to give the freakin' bucket back?

    ReevenReeven7 minutter siden
  • This bucket story may not be true, but the way it is presented in this video is entertaining as hell. The story of a town that gets a new bucket for its well and becomes increasingly obsessed with it, to the point where all the residents eventually go insane and start worshipping the bucket as a deity, is GOD TIER COMEDY.

    Kusadora NobeKusadora Nobe8 timer siden
  • 12:05 she's punishing him severly

    Raphael MachielsRaphael Machiels9 timer siden
  • The Pope 'Was' weak and corruptible ? Hahaha oh you sly fox you, most witty indeed 😉

    Adam FrazerAdam Frazer10 timer siden
  • H.R.E- we got snacks we got weird music (insert weird medieval music) Soldier- WE GOT A BUCKET

    Reign rigel BoñalesReign rigel Boñales15 timer siden
  • 2:00 Dude, Zeus will give you something to bang, the edge in a war, or a punishment that is worse than the crime. He will not give you a six

    RavenclawPrincessRavenclawPrincess22 timer siden
  • What’s so good about a bucket

    Edward KhodorovskiyEdward KhodorovskiyDag siden
  • 8:12 Well, as we all know, childs mean more than just an opportunity for church guys like priests or bishops...

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  • The most important thing we learn here is that history is basically a bunch of chaotic bucket worshipping bisexuals

    Zixty_7Zixty_72 dager siden
  • 10:29 That literally killed me

    Kiwi DrumcoversKiwi Drumcovers2 dager siden
  • How to you make 20 videos and get 4 million subs

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  • this dude has the best.segue's.EVER!!!

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  • 12:00 Is that SCP-049:

    Gabriel CercalGabriel Cercal2 dager siden
  • 12:04 yeet

    Slicey CakeySlicey Cakey2 dager siden
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  • LOL, i'm studyng history, and we are already seeing this, and i had already watch this video

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  • LOL im from bologna

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  • 10:33 as history of the world would say You can make religion outta this

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  • 10:30 I'm dead 😂🤣🤣

  • would probably really mad myself if i didn't alive to witness Pewdiepie vs T-Series OverSimplefied at 2087

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  • Girls locker room: eek!! principle johnson get out of here! Boys locker room: 10:31

    Foundyak 17798Foundyak 177989 dager siden
  • btw it's MOdena, not ModEna

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