The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

17. aug.. 2020
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  • Join me in Rise of Kingdoms today: Use code ConquerROK to treat yourself with 500 Gems Thanks to Lilith Games for making this video happen!

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  • Oversimplified I need vídeo

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  • *gets shot* "Owie owie owie owie ow!"

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  • I'm so confused but it's still interesting

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  • Are there parallels to what is happening to the U.S.A. today? You be the judge.

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  • Fear my revolutionary mit! (I forgot for to spell it) Give me that. 🤣

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  • The zany methane actually applaud because sweatshop causally spoil save a like respect. savory, spicy rainstorm

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  • It’s always funny to see how dictators always take the same path to power.

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  • Y'know, people always talk about the sad death of the Tsar and his family, but really, millions of peasants that didn't do anything were killed, so he kinda deserved it.

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  • 9:00 NINTENDO

    Blame WaddleBlame Waddle10 timer siden
  • Storm the winter palace and arrest the provisional government 🤔 sounds familiar

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  • To anyone reading the USSR wasnt communist at all.

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  • The more funny the more views

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  • Day six of trying to get oversimplified to make a video about the straw hat riots of 1922

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  • i wish the Tsar stayed

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  • OK I will join rise of kingdoms

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  • Sooo, Joe Biden takes office and within 4-8 years America is a socialist society. Gun control is solidified little by little in the name of public safety. Religious liberty is squelched because “religious radicals” are painted as a growing threat to society. History books are rewritten to paint free enterprise and public freedom as a failed idea that could never work. A new generation grows up thriving on handouts, and people realize they don’t have to work hard, because the janitor makes almost as much as the brain surgeon, so the government has to force people to work hard, micromanaging society, as a result more power is given to the government because the new young people have always learned to just let the government handle all their problems. By then elections are a thing of the past. Major corporations are not going to sit back and let a socialist government limit them, so the top leadership gets replaced with puppets who will do the companies’ biddings. Now that the government has all the guns, the people are not a threat anymore. Corporations bring in the era of communistic capitalism. Employees become slaves, living on next to nothing, and the CEO’s live like kings. If the USA maintains its military, it will rule over the public as an impenetrable wall. If they allow it to weaken by taking from its funds and squandering it on their own fancies, another world superpower invades and conquers it, perhaps China... Or, maybe we’ll all just chew 5 Gum and feel awesome...

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  • youre skipping ww2?

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  • 13:14 is no one gonna talk about that oh no

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  • I've been watching your videos since a few days ago and I'm hooked!, wish you could do one of Venezuela.

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  • 2:17 plan B

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  • 19:56 No, Sergey Taboritsky found Alexei alive.

    Ricardo SenpaiRicardo Senpai2 dager siden
  • This is my 10th time watching this

    PH2000 BrucePH2000 Bruce2 dager siden
  • And Russia viewed themselves at the time as 'The Protector Of All Slavs' (TPOAS)

    Janet LazarJanet Lazar2 dager siden
  • The reason Russia joined WW1 was because Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, a SLAVIC country (like Russia)

    Janet LazarJanet Lazar2 dager siden
  • 8:14 how it feels owing ll of the blue green and red properties with all having hotels, 4 train stations and all of the money and landing on a brown color square and having to pay .003 Venezuelan cents in monopoly

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  • 3:52 CHILL OR DIE! WE RE AGAINST HUNGER! oh right (switches team) GIVE FOOD OR DIE

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  • These two videos are the funniest he’s ever done😂😂😂😂💙

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  • 22:51 In cold War video it said Those guys were arrested or disappeared..... But here they were killed

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  • Really bad video. You got a lot of things wrong. I know it's called oversimplified but a lot of your points are just factually incorrect.

    xFatSnacksxFatSnacks3 dager siden
    • @xFatSnacks understandable have a great day

      Mico CalimlimMico Calimlim2 dager siden
    • @Mico Calimlim why would something be wrong with me? Are you dense or something?

      xFatSnacksxFatSnacks2 dager siden
    • @Mico Calimlim nothing to do with being judgemental, a lot of it is just inaccurate and could have been researched better.

      xFatSnacksxFatSnacks2 dager siden
    • your a judgemental person dont you

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    • What the hell is wrong with you

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  • Um, he will forget a little thing after he do a sponsor but he won’t forget anything at part one to part two, weird

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  • L'international sera le genre humain

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  • Only true oversimplified fans know why the person said 'deja vu' when Lenin died.

    Hashaam baigHashaam baig3 dager siden
  • Stalin was an intellectual who believed in the transformative power of ideas and a bookworm who amassed a significant personal library

    adsurbismadsurbism3 dager siden
  • Trotsky actually fled to and was killed in Mexico where he lived with and had an affair with Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

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  • I keep wondering why they are flying the Japanese flag but then it’s actually just a angry face

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  • im thinking about getting rok

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  • a wise man once said "OWIEOWIEOWIEOWIEOWIEOWIE" -lenin 1918

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  • This cursed timestap I hate dead rasputin 2:22

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  • “You think you could have done any better” no. My empire in rise of kingdoms took my power and killed me. F**k rome

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  • oof. Do I suck at war ?

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  • Oversimplified craps Hope you got payed well. Long Life Lenin, Marx, Stalin.

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  • Mr Trotsky Sir 🙄😂😂

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  • Who wants to start a rebubublution?

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  • "The Romanov rule just sort of...came to an end." That's a really smooth way of saying that the whole Romanov family was gunned down, stabbed, and then shot at close range.

    Benjamin SellersBenjamin Sellers4 dager siden
  • It’s actually insane how close the Russian Revolution was to the French Revolution.

    TravisBroskiTravisBroski4 dager siden
    • Yeah

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  • Epic Rap Battle: Stalin vs Rasputin just played in my head a few times. Lol

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  • Bruh when your part of the cantri alaczander is born in. I agry with you macedonia macedonia macedonia macedonia

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  • The saddest part of this story is, that they still have a leader who doesn't cares about their people.... They still live in the same crap.... Yesterday put'in signed paper by prolonging his rule to 2036.....

    ŽurkulēnsŽurkulēns5 dager siden
    • Just as likely that before Putin dies he'll resurrect the Soviet Union merely for the inspiration Soviet Anthem. The Stalin era lyrics will have Putin's name replacing Joe's in the updated version.

      JAlanJAlanTime siden
  • Imagine his search history

    Ghost CandyGhost Candy5 dager siden
  • Can we get some Southeast Asian history oversimplified?

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  • 19:27 i finally found a mistake after 7 months

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  • 21:32 "I'm so smert" try to listen to it with the accent , it cracked me up

    عز الحربيعز الحربي6 dager siden

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  • The ideology of man the Kaiser sent to Russia ended the reign of the Fuhrer

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  • 7:54 rebubublution...

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  • 21:32 2+2=lettuce

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  • Rasputin

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  • 23:11 What's this song?

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  • Dude this is really inaccurate . I know you are trying to make history enjoyable but you are misrepresenting a lot of things while doing so

    Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisieCommie that Bashes the bourgeoisie8 dager siden
    • @Lucas but he kinda represents lenin as a dictator , he literally dtick with that until the end , you can see that by saying “is this guy seem like a dictator to you?” “Setting up a communist utopia seemed suspiciously like setting up a dictatorship” “also i am setting up a secret police force to repress and kill traitors. And by traitors i of course mean anyone not loyal to me.” Your statement would have been accurate if he also said how bad the conditions were and he didnt do these stuff just to make himself a dictator. As i stated before these actions only used against white guards and foreign imperialists. He says that the secret police is to silence opposition but actually more than 1/3 of the Cheka(secret police) was made up of SRs( the main opposition) and cadets(liberals). Also the protests werent the working class instead it was kerensky supporters engaging in terrorist acts as mass murdering red army and assasinating bolshevik leaders.

      Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisieCommie that Bashes the bourgeoisie5 dager siden
    • @Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisie furthermore, I don't see the idea your getting of his judgment of Lenin being inconsistent. He keeps the same stance the whole way through, at the end shading it with the statement that he seemed to truly believe communism would help Russia. It doesn't take away from the fact that his actions were tyrannical, and from the perspective of literally everyone else, he was setting up a dictatorship. Was it the scene where Lenin was shot your referring to? Because that scene is literally just showing off how pissed people were by actions they perceived to be tyrannical. Or was it the comments on his overturning of elections? Because it seems clear he didn't want opposition of communism, and likely *actually* thought the elections were unfair. The videos stance seems very clear to me when you remember Lenin genuinely thought his plans of communism would improve Russia.

      LucasLucas5 dager siden
    • @Lucas sorry for the first part but as i stated , his education is influenced and controlled by the US government , therefore he still holds biases from his past education. US government literally forced students to read animal farm and think about how bad communism is through a literal fiction book.

      Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisieCommie that Bashes the bourgeoisie5 dager siden
    • @Lucas americans are from the start of the cold war has been always thought to hate the soviet union. Even with proper analysis some of his statements will always be affected by his education. Oversimplified is a good channel with a unique sense of humor and awesome production quality however his research into soviet history came with its inaccuracies as the whole subject is entirely controlled by western media and right wing think tanks who manipulate information for their ideological and class interests. A profound education can only be made through deep analysis of these controversial subjects.

      Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisieCommie that Bashes the bourgeoisie5 dager siden
    • @Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisie you didn't read my comment past the read more button. I called you bull headed because you immediately made conclusions about their education based off the inaccuracies of an oversimplified history video, not from any inaccuracy in your statement. Seriously, it ain't an issue of American education or bias, oversimplified holds no love of America.

      LucasLucas5 dager siden
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  • Always remember, God love's you, Always♥️

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    • Don’t make us...

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  • This guy does the best Segways into his ads, and his Ad reads a sooo good, I think this is the ones I don’t fast forward!

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