The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

28. juni. 2019
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    OverSimplifiedOverSimplifiedÅr siden
    • Nice

      Vish the FishVish the FishMåned siden
    • you have god given talent in laughter, and teaching

      DEADPOOLDEADPOOL2 måneder siden
    • F our boi fell

      DiletDilet3 måneder siden
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      Cooper EddieCooper Eddie3 måneder siden
    • Fuck Raid Shadow Legends

      Meme LordMeme Lord3 måneder siden
  • Can i ask when will be the napoleonic wars video?

    LOLtorLOLtor14 minutter siden

    George SH SitorusGeorge SH Sitorus13 timer siden
  • I like chese

    Your Local TurtleYour Local Turtle21 time siden
  • Napoleonic wars, please. I'm BEGGING YOU!

    CarolJean PelletierCarolJean PelletierDag siden
  • I still have my head, the Guillotine goes chop chop chop If I talk bad about the Revolution Then my head will come off

    FlareOGFlareOGDag siden
  • hoot hoot hoot hoot hooo hooot hoooooooooot hooooooooooooooooooot hoooooooooooooooooooooot this guy is too funny

    angelic gamerangelic gamerDag siden
  • 19:28 it wasn't anarchy, they had rules AND a set of national body to govern.. No way close to any anarchy society, more of a chaotic society..

    Linux JodiLinux JodiDag siden
  • French revolution be like: chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop American revolution be like: why cant we all get along?

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph WilliamsDag siden

    Mahmood Hh AlmaqbaliMahmood Hh AlmaqbaliDag siden
  • I don't like the tone of this video to be honest, it seems (I know the channel's name, thanks) rather anti-revolutionary, posing head-figures as blood thirsty maniacs and the whole affair as just a barbaric event, without taking into consideration the huuuge forward leap it represented for the whole western world. Pretty idiotic actually.

    kornofulgurkornofulgur2 dager siden
  • C'mon you tease us with Napoleonic Wars and still no follow-up?

    pop5678eyepop5678eye2 dager siden
  • The way they do the impression while in battle 10:26

    NotMayNotMay2 dager siden
  • 3:53 When you tell the barber "Just a little off the top".

    The GeorginatorThe Georginator2 dager siden
  • here at 15,666,331 views

    Nicholas AlfisiNicholas Alfisi3 dager siden
  • The French revolution was absolute BS... Very sad. those revolutionary leaders are burning in hell as we speak, I hope. #### France lol...

    RufusMcDufusRufusMcDufus3 dager siden
    • I don't blame it for happening but it was terrifying.

      Brian LingdenBrian Lingden2 dager siden
  • can't wait for the napoleonic wars ep

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  • 0:53

    ptchauptchau3 dager siden
  • Who else watching this during the Covid Terror

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  • "Committee of Public Safety" Me: CoPS huh.......

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  • When you have different sponsors on 1 video just split in two

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  • 12:40

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous4 dager siden
  • Can someone give me a summary on this video?

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  • Who else here for a class

    Nathan HallNathan Hall4 dager siden
  • sad I couldn't understand the video I don't speak baguette

    NorthstarNorthstar4 dager siden
  • I love how people thought decapitation was an instant death.

    ZendakonZendakon4 dager siden
  • You forget to turn on English closed caption

    Mohamed DaudMohamed Daud4 dager siden
  • did he say "napoleon was a dictator" ? because he was a fucking emperor

    Matthieu BoussionMatthieu Boussion5 dager siden
    • He was essentially a dictator than crowned himself emperor.

      Godslayer 5658Godslayer 56584 dager siden
  • When will napoleonic wars come out

    Tuna KarasuTuna Karasu5 dager siden
  • Im so hyped for the napoleonic wars oversimplified

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  • 17:33 XD

    Félipe II El católico De EspañaFélipe II El católico De España5 dager siden
  • 21:04 look at the top group of people, one person appears

    Sup TannerSup Tanner5 dager siden
  • the next french revolution is gonna have people usin baguettes as weapons. WE WE

    Neo DongNeo Dong5 dager siden
  • Guillotine is no longer a word.

    scoopisherescoopishere5 dager siden
  • 12:46 is the prob the most funny over simp (simp haha) lified clip ever

    NiittenNiitten5 dager siden
  • 15:41 Bruh I love Marie's hairstyle

    Rexford PanRexford Pan5 dager siden
  • 10:19 Just wait till night you will kill em all

    Bert Lin_YTBert Lin_YT6 dager siden
  • Unwatchable with ads

    Phil GreenePhil Greene6 dager siden
  • BONAPARTE!!!!! i like the face you drew for him. I can't stop laughing 🤣. His story MUST be next

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  • Why they dont give poor pepole ferrari or Porsche or Lamborghini.

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  • Prussia and austria be like at louis funeral:Dude uncool

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  • 1:35 and 1:36 FREE EPIC

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  • This Marat dude is the first example of keyboard warrior and twitter mob. He kept writing and escalating things from the comfort of his bathtub.

    nashatbinashatbi6 dager siden
  • Still waiting on Napoleonic Wars oversimplified...

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  • 4:10 hey John I TOLD YOU NOT TO RITE IN THE TUB!

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  • Your trying to be funny the whole time. I did admit to laugh at 10:33 "hoot hoot hoot hoot " all the hooting haha

    savagex466savagex4668 dager siden
  • i would ask for a napolian war vidio, but it would be abit shorter

    Alexander BowlinAlexander Bowlin8 dager siden
  • Ta bien résumé l’histoire de la France voilà j’ai rien d’autres à dire

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  • So uncivilized

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  • Hey I think that Henry the 8th was also trying to destroy France in that year

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  • The noiseless ghana atypically please because chain phylogentically jam than a macho punishment. impartial, cloudy replace

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  • Marie had to redo her hair when she was gunna be executed because she thought that they would acuse her of witch craft if they saw star wars in her hair

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  • The short helmet ideally muddle because shop specifically ski versus a far temperature. flippant, doubtful white

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  • this was just an early socialist/communist revolution. Pushed and led by the same "people" who invented communism. And the same "people" who killed the russian Tsar as well. AHEM

    ytt miytt mi10 dager siden
  • Okay I know this doesn’t matter but I think he used the wrong flag of Austria

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    • You too (just joke :) don’t take it too seirously)

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  • God truly is real, but it looks to me they twisted the meaning of christianity which they did. also catholism is full of idolatry. Priests arent called to be theirs taking food from the poor at all! not all Christian's are like that.


    Margarita ClenowMargarita Clenow11 dager siden
  • Someone: *has opposite opinion* Literally everyone: 14:40

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  • Hey umm oversimplified why does Louis XV have two looks?

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    XavierXavier11 dager siden
  • this enraged his father who punished him severely best lines ever

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  • King Louise the sixteen presents! Oversimplified (and over anti-revolutionary) french revolution documentary with lots of blackening the revolutionists hidden in cuteness! 🥰

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  • Napoleon's face is like "I'm gonna kill you tonight, check your bed before sleeping."

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