The Falklands - MiniWars #1

22. okt.. 2017
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Village People by Mario Casciano
Galtieri by Presidencia de la Nación Argentina
Camouflage pattern texture by Joe Weisman
Margaret Thatcher by Chris Collins
Iron by Rob Lavinsky
Copper by Jonathan Zander
Magnesium by Warut Roonguthai
SS Canberra by David Excoffier
Atlantic Conveyer by Darren Hillman
Falkland Islands Panorama by Alex Petrenko
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Bourbonic Flag by Durero
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  • Back here after this war on The Crown to see it more accurately lol

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  • Islas malvinas!!!!

    ElSnakeElSnake21 time siden
    • Come and take them............oh yes, you already did, and failed miserably 😂😂😂🇬🇧

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams11 timer siden
  • It was a bad move for Argentinian dictatorship to bully the weakened Britain who was still strong enough to pay back with a deadly fist and reclaim Falkland plus lost the major technological assistance to maintain their British style heavy weapons and avionics.

    Stargeneral410Stargeneral41022 timer siden
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  • Australia and New Zealand almost got fully caught up with all that. I had some family in NZ army that were relieved when they didn't have to fight that ridiculous war.

    TrenasistTrenasistDag siden
    • It was only as ridiculous as argentina’s claim, or Zealand’s and australia’s involvement in Vietnam lol......

      Dean WilliamsDean WilliamsDag siden
  • Apparently, locating the wreck of a Spanish Treasure Ship near chile was Terrible Writing Advice.

    Big Brother XellosBig Brother XellosDag siden
  • Sadly we lose the war so big F

    matiasgames563matiasgames563Dag siden
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  • the falklands are british

    pedropedro2 dager siden
  • Britains are badass baby

    GM AllGM All2 dager siden
  • Las islas malvinas son argentina

    El FraNXDEl FraNXD2 dager siden
    • @El FraNXD 😂😂😂 time to take your meds?

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams2 dager siden
    • Meow meow nigga :v

      El FraNXDEl FraNXD2 dager siden
    • 😂😂😂 nope

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams2 dager siden
  • Yo no lie we fisted them

    Tom KTom K2 dager siden
  • I didn't realize how hard-fought this "small" war actually was

    Timofei GerasimovTimofei Gerasimov2 dager siden
  • Argentina arbitrarily decides they get to declare someone a governor of a couple islands they know belong to other nations in order to let him attack people from yet another nation. Argentina, then ruled by a literal fascist, invades and subjugates the British people of the islands years later, sets out heavy minefields despite the problems with mines already being known. The internet decades later: "HOW DARE THATCHER PICK ON ARGENTINA!!" (Yes, I know she wasn't good for the UK, but the British had no choice but to get involved in the Falklands war, it was literally an invasion of UK territory by Argentina.)

    MerennulliMerennulli2 dager siden
    • @Lorenzo Zamolo Spain didn't land in 1690. England did. They owned the Islands first and Spain agreed it had no rights to the Falklands under Nootka. So no.

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth3 timer siden
    • @Indoctrinated Truth well that's the point, argentina wanted to take the islands from britain, just the same britain did with spain

      Lorenzo ZamoloLorenzo Zamolo3 timer siden
    • @Lorenzo Zamolo Because it was Britain's land as per John Strong in 1690, 200 years before Argentina existed?

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth3 timer siden
    • @Indoctrinated Truth and why do he had to ask britain for permission?

      Lorenzo ZamoloLorenzo Zamolo3 timer siden
    • @Lorenzo Zamolo Because the colony was ILLEGAL. Vernet did NOT have permission to make a colony. He was a SQUATTER.

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth3 timer siden
  • you failed to mention pretty much all of the Argentinean arguments for the claim. Mainly that the islands where first discovered by Vespucci, and then by Magellan (and registerd in Piri Reis's map) way before the brittish; that the brittish occupation was clandestine; and that when Argentina declared independence, all disputed Spanish territories were by right obtained. Even more, by your logic, only the west island should be disputed, but not the east island, nor the South Georgia and South Sandwich islands... which the brittish also stole.

    4sper04sper03 dager siden
    • @4sper0 No such man as Vespucci ever existed. Magellan did so, but Spain signed at Nootka it had NO rights to the islands, and then Argentina in the Arana-Southern treaty agreed they had no rights. Vernet made an illegal colony. Britain kicked them out. Oh, and guess what? Spain didn't say a fucking word about it.

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated TruthDag siden
    • @4sper0 did the spanish sign a treaty with the native Americans asking if it’s ok to take their land and kill them? or did they just storm in and take what they want? Because I’m pretty sure it’s the latter, so by your own logic that would make your land contested too. But the fact is the falklands belong to 1) who ever the current population wish to belong to, unless you dispute their right to self determination, and 2) who ever can hold the islands, and argentina have as chance of conquering the territory as pig has learning how to fly lol. Complaining to the UN will never work. Otherwise the turks would have given back northern cyprus back in 74.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams2 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams By that logic, pretty much all countries should give back the land they took. Claims are based on treaties that were signed by all parties at given times. That's why the territory is contested.

      4sper04sper02 dager siden
    • He also forgot to mention how argentina belonged to a multitude of native american tribes before your ancestors invaded, slaughtered and occupied their land. When argentina gives back that land to the displaced and abused natives, then they might have a leg to stand on, but they won’t because they love their colonised land whilst barking about the brits small rocks 300 miles away from argentina lol..........

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams2 dager siden
  • this video made me laugh my head off great content well done

    Kate DormerKate Dormer3 dager siden
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  • Falklands battle 2 America comes for the oil

    Global WarfighterGlobal Warfighter3 dager siden
  • The majority of its population are lads of British descent, what does Argentina even want from some wee welsh/Scottish farmer boys.

    Caden Patton HamiltonCaden Patton Hamilton3 dager siden
    • I don’t even think they know, they are just pride pricked from getting embarrassed back in 82, they should really move on, all countries have a failed invasion in their history, they just can’t let go of it lol.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams2 dager siden
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  • Not gonna take a history lesson from a video that doesn't even know the difference between English and British...

    Scott DeardenScott Dearden3 dager siden
    • @Lawn Mower in this part of history, yes

      IzzyIzzy6 timer siden
    • @Izzy I know but England is the most relevant

      Lawn MowerLawn Mower7 timer siden
    • @Lawn Mower its not. England is one country but Britain (or the UK) is a group of countries including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

      IzzyIzzy11 timer siden
    • Same thing basically

      Lawn MowerLawn Mower3 dager siden
  • Britain isn't just England btw

    Greg MacleanGreg Maclean4 dager siden
  • Anybody from Steve Rizzo's joke?

    Mikoy MedelMikoy Medel4 dager siden
  • Wheres part 2?

    peoples rebublic of soviet unionpeoples rebublic of soviet union4 dager siden
  • I have 2 things to say being argentine. First you have to take into account the great superiority of technology, equipment and tactics that the English had. The second is that the war was one of the most shameful and sad events for Argentina, since minors under 19 years of age were sent to fight a war without any meaning.

    NARREXNARREX4 dager siden
  • That “except from Chile” it is still painful to the Argentinian people!

    BelleliketheprincessBelleliketheprincess4 dager siden
    • Us brits have love for chile, we will never forget their bravery for standing up to their larger more powerful neighbour by siding with us, and I’d like to think if argentina ever threatened chile like they used to back in the day that we would provide support for them.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • its because there was a threat of a argentine invation of Chile if you were wondering why

      HONK! koberHONK! kober3 dager siden
  • They forgot about a little detail: the people currently living in Las Malvinas are people brought from Britain by boat after they kicked out the population in the 1800s! They are British people who want to stay British, they are not native inhabitants!

    BelleliketheprincessBelleliketheprincess4 dager siden
    • There were no natives to the falklands you utter specimen 😂🤦 also, if you want to talk about indigenous populations, how about we start with those poor native american tribes who your ancestors nearly wiped out, and then occupied, to this day, you are living on occupied land, but i guess that does not fit with your anti british narrative.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • No, we never kicked off any population, there was never any permanent argetine settlers unless if you count the gauchos who were mostly Uruguayan, some people went with vernet on his private business venture but most left when he left

      taptap4 dager siden
    • That's completely untrue

      taptap4 dager siden
    • There was no natives you moron. They've lived there for 200-300 years. Makes them more native than the actual Argentines are.

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth4 dager siden
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  • Fun fact Margaret died , Boris Johnson could hand the islands eh ?

    Aatib RaiyanAatib Raiyan5 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams it’s a joke mate you know Argentine would be on their graves if they tried to take it , anyways Australia will help U.K. at any cost 🇦🇺 🇬🇧

      Aatib RaiyanAatib Raiyan3 dager siden
    • @Aatib Raiyan what are you talking about you incoherent mess 😂😂😂 brexit is done, you should really move on, that vote was over 4 years ago lol.......

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • Ok, now try that again but in english 😂?

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
  • Im south american and well , LAS MALVINAS stays whit argentina , idc if they are under control of uk , Malvinas keeps whit south america they want it or not

    defensa publica tresdefensa publica tres5 dager siden
    • Then why did the argentines get absolutely humiliated when they last tried 😂😂😂

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • @defensa publica tres its been injected into your hearts by the education system, the country of argetina hates the people there, like they give two fucks about some random islands, its just a con to distract people from their corruption

      taptap4 dager siden
    • @tap sorry man , i went a bit on rage , but yeah we still have malvinas in our hearts

      defensa publica tresdefensa publica tres4 dager siden
    • The faklands are currently part of the uk, you can call us all racist all you like we don't care, and "tea drinking" isn't even an insult if you've ever tried tea

      taptap4 dager siden
    • None of that made any sense

      taptap4 dager siden
  • very bad and wrong obviously

    animal de bellotaanimal de bellota5 dager siden
    • What is wrong about it, specifically?

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
  • chinese captions XD

    花子:冲25订阅花子:冲25订阅5 dager siden
  • The worst part in all of this is that the Malvinas/Falklands were listed as part of those Crown holdings that were slated for decolonization, and talks between Argentina and the UK were fruitful during the 1960's and everything pointed towards a peaceful handing over of territory from the UK to Argentina. But in a very Argentine turn of events we shot ourselves in the foot by having yet another military dictatorship take over and seize power from the lawful civil government and any chance of talks through the UN fell through. SMH.

    RukhageRukhage5 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams honestly hard to say, since Argentina's dictatorships ranged from very mild ones to the horrific Junta of the late 70's. Let's say that for some reason there would have been a handover in the mid-60s, I'd think a vast majority of British Kelpers would have been repatriated to the UK and the islands would have been populated with more Argentines. Now how that impacts the future is hard to say. Keep in mind we're applying our own views in hindsight here especially with our post-war views on the issue. Before that it was merely a land dispute, one of many the UK was dealing with in the post-WW2 years.

      RukhageRukhage3 dager siden
    • @Rukhage well it’s probably for the best, I’d hate to have seen how the islanders would have been treated if they were under argentine control during the dictatorship years.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams that was only pointed out after the War itself, before that there had been a lot of accumulated goodwill between the UK and Argentina (given the fact we were exclusive trade partners for much of the first half of the 20th Century) so it stood to reason at that moment in time that it made sense for the islands to be considered up for decolonization.

      RukhageRukhage3 dager siden
    • Why would they even discuss it lol? The islands are british, why would they hand over a territory that has a british population who have consistently expressed pretty much unanimously that they wish to stay british?

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
  • RULE BRITANNIA they are ours mate

    Tione & TionaTione & Tiona5 dager siden
  • Who else is watching this in 2552427400465252682930406355251829020393846647379292029363638101036646473625519101027. Cause I sure am. Oh and btw the penguins from that island took over the world. I would know, I'm a time traveler

    Logan DeVoreLogan DeVore5 dager siden
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  • I swear I never thought I was going to laugh so many times at a history video xDDDDD very nice job :)

    Nepente333Nepente3335 dager siden
  • Vote: you want argentina or England? Voters who are all English: England! Rest of the world: seems fair

    marguelmarguel5 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams Reading that you have pride for war makes me not want to answer you anymore. I have a lot against the Argentinian state and the Spanish colonialism. But there’s no point explaining all that to you. I know the bigger threat. I pity your ignorance. Argentina poses no threat to anyone, England is a occupying force world wide and many of us want them out of our territories spread throughout the map, this is not an Argentinian issue.

      marguelmarguel10 timer siden
    • @marguel I’ve got alot of pride about what went down in 82, also, you talk about britain having no right to overseas territories, but argentina has? Did i hear that right? 😂😂 damn, your hypocrisy is off the charts, you do realise coastal territory ends at 12 miles off shore, so by your own logic, the fact that the falklands are 300 miles out, that logic should also apply to argentina no? Also, if you are part native, the fact that you’ve got no issue with spanish colonialism but something against British colonialism simoly indicates you’re either, lying about being part native or have severe stockholm syndrome lol.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams16 timer siden
    • @Dean Williams That is the reason why I stand against all colonial powers. Britain has no business having over seas territories.

      marguelmarguel20 timer siden
    • @Dean Williams and just as I feel no embarrassment you shouldn’t feel no pride about war

      marguelmarguel21 time siden
    • @Dean Williams I could talk a lot about that, I’m part native. That’s just not what we are talking about.

      marguelmarguel21 time siden
  • Eh professor! What fockin islands are you talkin about?

    Vishnu PrasadVishnu Prasad6 dager siden
  • Cool but on the title the british use a SLR (FAL) not an m16

    Rory DawsonRory Dawson6 dager siden
  • But argentina wpn the World cup

    Kipronoh Terer E.NKipronoh Terer E.N6 dager siden
    • Well, atleast they won something 😂

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • By cheating.

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth4 dager siden
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  • In which part of this war did Prince Andrew loose his sweat glands?

    Rhonda HaleyRhonda Haley6 dager siden
    • If you have to edit a one sentence reply, because you couldn't get it right first time, you're really not as intelligent as you'd like us to believe............

      ArtandyArtandy4 dager siden
  • 4:35 this is the reason why all south america hates chile

    Jimmy PurrpgemJimmy Purrpgem6 dager siden
    • This is the reason brits love chile

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams6 dager siden
  • the falklands: have oil america: YOUR WERE MY FRIEND

    Callum LFC WaughCallum LFC Waugh6 dager siden
  • US: wait theres oil UK: haha finders keepers US: fine u can have that oil *looks at iraq* we have a different target for the sweet oil Argentina: hey UK can we have our islands back UK: hmmm well Argentina UR NOT HAVING IT

    Harry JaggerHarry Jagger7 dager siden
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  • I'm happy as long as any country kicks British arse 😂

    Divinest BeatsDivinest Beats7 dager siden
    • @Divinest Beats yeah that's what every salty person says You can claim you're laughing your ass off while we both know you're fuming at the fact britan raped your nation

      taptap4 dager siden
    • @tap if anyone sounds salty is u 😂😂 I'm just laughing my ass off

      Divinest BeatsDivinest Beats4 dager siden
    • You sound very salty

      taptap4 dager siden
    • @Divinest Beats you still talking about the USAs war for independence? They didn't even kick our ass we don't care about that war anymore

      taptap4 dager siden
    • @Divinest Beats Admit what? It was French troops that beat the UK. The USA lost most of the major battles and REQUIRED over 30,000 ELITE French troops vs badly trained Hessians...

      Indoctrinated TruthIndoctrinated Truth4 dager siden
  • It's a honor hearing Oversimplified that Gaucho were cool Cowboys

    engineer gamingengineer gaming7 dager siden
    • @Soufriere I pity your ignorance

      marguelmarguel5 dager siden
    • The one GOOD thing to ever come out of Argentina is the Gauchos. There are still a few around and they're legit.

      SoufriereSoufriere6 dager siden
  • Argentina: FALKLANDS MINE United Kingdom: ARE U SURE

    Morris Pro_x_gamerMorris Pro_x_gamer7 dager siden
    • what

      Toast It isToast It is6 dager siden
  • Argentinian here. Completly agree with the info here. I would add that civilians here doned money and jewelry for the war efforts and that money never go to the soldiers. Also normal people donated hours of work to prepare blankets and food to be sended and never came. And that most of the troops were unprepared underage teenagers forced to go to war with malfunctioning rifles. Also, i cant talk for all, but a personal friend of my father was a pow, and always said that he was very well treated by the britith, that they even lend him one of his jackets with heater integrated.

    Cristian GuanziroliCristian Guanziroli8 dager siden
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  • The whole Earth is a battlefield now

    LucasWetsonLucasWetson8 dager siden
  • Chile supported the United Kingdom and virtually no one except for Perú in South America backed Argentina, i think you're an envious yank, i loved the "spanisher" racist part when in fact Argentina is whiter than the USA.

    Norma BustosNorma Bustos8 dager siden
    • Saying "spanisher" isn't racist u snowflake

      taptap4 dager siden
    • @Primary Ignition Hey, i guess we both are right in someway.

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos8 dager siden
    • @Norma Bustos It is irrelevant. Where I'm from has no difference on facts.

      Primary IgnitionPrimary Ignition8 dager siden
    • @Primary Ignition Give me your sources, i accept only places that belong to Argentina even if they are now independent like Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, etc. It's not irrelevant.

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos8 dager siden
    • @Norma Bustos In that area of South America. The USS Phoenix/ARA Belgrano from the USA. Where I'm from is irrelevant.

      Primary IgnitionPrimary Ignition8 dager siden
  • The last time my country had a pair, rule Britannia & Argentina puede chuparlo

    Hayabusa Playthroughs & ReviewsHayabusa Playthroughs & Reviews8 dager siden
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  • We stoked our ships full of british beer and bullets and sailed 2 weeks to teach the argentines a bloody lesson

    ROIAL NAVYROIAL NAVY8 dager siden
  • Como te duele la cola, desde el 9 de diciembre.

    Sebastian NúñezSebastian Núñez8 dager siden
    • ¿Qué tiene que ver?

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos8 dager siden
  • One random piece of land exist England: I must get that land

    Zachary SzypczakZachary Szypczak9 dager siden
    • One random continent exists far far away in the south atlantic inhabited by native americans. Spain: we must take their gold, wipe out the indigenous population and occupy their land................

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams8 dager siden
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  • *oil is found* USA: falkland islands? more like freedom islands, we must protect democracy

    QuantumEarthQuantumEarth9 dager siden
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    박희령박희령9 dager siden
  • Rule Britannia 🇬🇧

    Jordan HurrenJordan Hurren10 dager siden
  • How’s the good guys

    Grant StephensGrant Stephens10 dager siden
  • Nice

    R0GU3 P41NC3R0GU3 P41NC310 dager siden
  • If you don’t want your ships sunk, don’t sail them anywhere remotely close to a war you recently started. It’s just common sense.

    Roger SzmodisRoger Szmodis10 dager siden
    • @Norma Bustos What do you mean 'source'? It's been that way ever since Humanity began, no country has EVER said in the history of nations "We will not shoot ships outside of this zone". My source is your lack of a source. Plus the ARA Belgrano FIRED on British ships as CONFIRMED by the captain, which I do have sources for if you want.

      Primary IgnitionPrimary Ignition8 dager siden
    • @Primary Ignition Source?

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos8 dager siden
    • @Norma Bustos The Zone said ships deemed a threat could be sunk. It NEVER said ships outside CANNOT be sunk.

      Primary IgnitionPrimary Ignition8 dager siden
    • What about the exclusion zone?

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos8 dager siden
  • Dear Charles III, get bent. Sincerely, George III.

    Roger SzmodisRoger Szmodis10 dager siden
  • Oh, I thought this HMS Sheffield was the same one from WWII. I was about to saying something along the lines of “imagine successfully hunting the Bismarck and surviving WWII only to get taken down by some rowdy Argentinians in flying rust buckets”

    JoelJames2JoelJames210 dager siden
  • 4:24 that lady Is though because she's a Female

    Jr TumaleJr Tumale10 dager siden
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    Lol XdLol Xd10 dager siden
  • Too bad Argentina lost

    Tavi MolinaTavi Molina10 dager siden
    • @Norma Bustos intelligent people don’t ask random strangers for their details, just saying, and i speak english, gaelic and greek, but circular intelect and military, historical and political intelligence are a different animal all together, and I’ve got you well and truly beaten on that score.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams3 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams You're not more intelligent than i, i speak four languages how about you? I bet only english and yes, knowledge is knowledge, wherever is it, not only in books, predator? How could i? I live in a whole different part of the world i.e. Im harmless. You are not as curious about things as i, you are a normie.

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos3 dager siden
    • ​@Norma Bustos I don’t live in ignorance, clearly I’m far more intelligent than you. I just don’t try and ascertain peoples personal details who you’ll never meet and who couldn’t care less if you fell off a cliff lol, ignorance has nothing to dk with it, you’re acting like an internet predator asking questions like that.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams4 dager siden
    • @Dean Williams I like to learn things, i bet you like living in ignorance, i study everything.

      Norma BustosNorma Bustos4 dager siden
    • @Norma Bustos oh I don’t doubt that, but what you wish to do with said information is a different matter, creepy bloke.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams4 dager siden
  • Wow España y Francia muchísimas Gracias (Sarcasmo)

    Soy AdminSoy Admin10 dager siden
  • Falkland conflict was not a war but a policing action. There was never any declaration of war by either side.

    SouthCoast Villain27SouthCoast Villain2711 dager siden
  • Ok have some weapons wtf

    S�bastien LesageS�bastien Lesage11 dager siden
  • ;(

    amandla22323amandla2232311 dager siden
  • Doesnt is from united kingdom but doesntis from argentina , its from uruguay

    humanohumano11 dager siden
  • It always started with Europeans finding land

    Ayman ShamilAyman Shamil11 dager siden
  • Cold wet and miserable, just like home 🤣🤣😂😂

    Ayman ShamilAyman Shamil11 dager siden
  • Videos en español: la guerra de las malvinas. Videos en ingles: the Falklands's war. *Interesante....*

    ••[LUNE -SAMA]••••[LUNE -SAMA]••11 dager siden
  • I want a video about the Empire of Brasil

    KimberleyKimberley12 dager siden
  • UK although that island is on your doorstep, it's ours obviously!

    kalm dwnkalm dwn12 dager siden
    • It’s in international waters, national coastal territory ends at 12 miles, the islands are 300 miles away from Argentina. lol

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams11 dager siden
  • "Ok , here some weapon$" Argentina : fuck you America!!!

    Genetic VectorGenetic Vector12 dager siden

    Soheila BoojariSoheila Boojari12 dager siden
  • Did you hear that the Argentinian settler was from Germany sounds familiar

    TomG GamingTomG Gaming12 dager siden
  • All this for some islands in the middle of nowhere.

    Dank PosterDank Poster13 dager siden
    • But around the islands are oil and gas reserves, also important strategical position due to it’s proximity to argentine mainland should they get brave again, and that makes it a valuable place to invest in.

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams11 dager siden
  • The well-to-do eyeliner computationally blink because pisces markedly guard aboard a useless egypt. untidy, freezing galley

    Chef GChef G13 dager siden
    • Say random words with no context

      Gaming_ BronutGaming_ Bronut9 dager siden
    • @Based what are all these weird comments like this one about lol? Have i missed something lol?

      Dean WilliamsDean Williams9 dager siden
    • Bot

      BasedBased11 dager siden
  • The jaded literature conceivably live because shirt anaerobically permit via a comfortable chest. modern, snotty slice

    Crick CopsCrick Cops13 dager siden
  • you spelt Islas Malvinas wrong

    evanf111evanf11113 dager siden
    • *when nobody on "your islands" wants to become a part of your country you may as well give up*

      The MedicThe Medic6 dager siden
    • @Phone Charger Except he's not making that point, he's saying "IT'S OUR ISLAND NOT THEIRS". I know very well they call it Islas Malvinas in Spanish. But I also don't care.

      Primary IgnitionPrimary Ignition8 dager siden
    • @tap No i completely understand. I hope that they are talking about the islands in their language rather than a incorrect Argentinian patriot

      Phone ChargerPhone Charger10 dager siden
    • @Phone Charger I don't think u understand the issue

      taptap10 dager siden
    • Don't listen to raving Brits. Everything is different in different languages. The Germans don't call their country Germany. So Islas Malvinas is technically correct to spanish speaking countries.

      Phone ChargerPhone Charger10 dager siden
  • Oil was found near Falkland. USA HAS ENTERED THE CHAT.

    acceleratoraccelerator13 dager siden
  • The Falkland Islands are from Argentina pirates! return the islands. they are nothing without the help of the United States.

    Dan' VlasiDan' Vlasi13 dager siden
    • @Dan' Vlasi *when the people living on "your islands" vote to stay in the UK you may as well give up trying to claim them*

      The MedicThe Medic6 dager siden
    • @tap You need to read and learn more, how old are you? 10? 12?

      Dan' VlasiDan' Vlasi6 dager siden
    • Just let go of it. You lost and island,it ain't a big deal

    • No, the faklands are brittish you are the pirates and the us didn't win us the war, we did

      taptap13 dager siden