The Cold War - OverSimplified (Part 1)

24. jan.. 2019
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    OverSimplifiedOverSimplified2 år siden
    • can you do one about the mcarthy trials if you can?

      Sara BulhanSara BulhanDag siden
    • Yugoslavia was not a soviet controlled puppet government

      Huff_PuffHuff_Puff5 dager siden
    • Cold War woods:I’m a goddamn onion

      It’sapIt’sapMåned siden
    • Hello. I wonder if I can use the characters in this video?

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    • @bruh yeah you shutbruh like you shu uppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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  • "So that was lucky". damn Stalin was lucky.

    Aggelos TaffAggelos Taff19 minutter siden
  • kennedy's eyes point in different directions

    Natasha EliotNatasha EliotTime siden
  • These videos are ruined by shill advertising. Another millennial who doesn't get the internet.

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  • 5:05 what is the country under usa ?

    Arham JainArham Jain5 timer siden
  • this channel is so good i watch the sponsor ad

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  • Some say those tanks are still backing up by an *Inch*

    Kasen RoyalKasen Royal6 timer siden
  • You forgot about the Prague Spring revolt :’(

    Max Talk baf Streaks CarstairsMax Talk baf Streaks Carstairs7 timer siden
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  • “So he set up his own economic recovery plan, which he called Comic Con...”

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  • Just saw Vlogging Through History's reaction on this so I decided to drop a like and leave a comment for the algorithm. Cheers! :)

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  • 10:40 accurate.

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  • Iran

    Mr. SaltzMr. Saltz23 timer siden
  • He’s a very naughty high altitude weather enthusiast - oversimplified

    Infern0 ReaperInfern0 Reaper23 timer siden
  • I have a piece of the berlin wall

    Ded F1shDed F1shDag siden
  • 5:48 Damn America is *packin’*

    frivolousflakefrivolousflakeDag siden
  • communism has never been fully implemented or achieved in world history

    prod. by mansaprod. by mansaDag siden
  • i hope everyone knows the soviet union wasnt communist

    prod. by mansaprod. by mansaDag siden
  • Опять пропаганда. Почему у нас в России не делают такое же, только с правдивыми фактами.

    Юрий ПрудниковЮрий ПрудниковDag siden
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    Vault SpplyVault SpplyDag siden
  • 1:07-1:25 The Russian Revolution over oversimplified.

    Danny MorganDanny MorganDag siden
  • this was totally idiotic & anti-communist bullshit.

    Kaan KavuşanKaan KavuşanDag siden
  • Funny video

    Ridhotri HaryantoRidhotri HaryantoDag siden
  • The A mean Atomic or ass

    HASAN THEGAMER حسن القيمرHASAN THEGAMER حسن القيمرDag siden
  • “I was sad Now im glad Life is bad Now im sad” The pinnacle of poetry :’)

    BillyTheKid369BillyTheKid369Dag siden
  • Stalin Doctors was not arrested thanks false

    Ilya KotcovIlya KotcovDag siden
  • Bwaaa 😂😂😂😂😆 “communist, communist, communist. If that’s not free and fair I don’t know what is”

    Eat You AliveEat You AliveDag siden
  • 3:56

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  • do one on the 2016 election

    Noah ThompsonNoah ThompsonDag siden
  • Thanks so much for this Cold War video!!! I am using this to study for a test I have tomorrow on the Cold War!!!You make studying and my overall life so much easier, and I cannot thank you enough!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. I appreciate it!!! By the way, I am proudly subscribed to you!!!😁😁☺️❤️💜🧡💛💚💙❤️🧡💛💚💙💝

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  • Is it just me or does it sound like Oversimplified can either be 19 or 35

    KidDoesEverythingKidDoesEverythingDag siden
  • 5:54 czechoslovakia looks like a sad child in elementary school

    Headphones & Gray SkiesHeadphones & Gray SkiesDag siden
  • Omg loved the beautiful wall reference

    Elizabeth CalvertElizabeth CalvertDag siden
  • Then the soviets pushed back with their old allie winter

    Elizabeth CalvertElizabeth CalvertDag siden
  • I love communism

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  • 6:35 look on the roof of the big building

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  • Europe, being in the middle of all this *chuckles* I’m gonna die

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  • Im indonesia

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  • racist

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  • Can we just talk about how Khrushchev is the opposite of Donald Trump, building walls to keep in all Mexican and Non-Orange people.

    Divine JamesDivine James2 dager siden
  • go for it Kimmy

    Vojtěch ČivrnýVojtěch Čivrný2 dager siden
  • me: *trying to learn the whole cold war and germany within the next two weeks because i know absolutely nothing about it before my exams* oversimplified: NORD VPN!!! me: 🧍🏼‍♀️😐

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  • Yo do the Vietnam war😁

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  • Hey man tell whoever is in charge of giving people jobs not to let that jerk STALIN become the next leader by the way who did I put in charge of giving people jobs? That would be STALIN sir

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  • 3:56 i sure do wonder too

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  • When you ask for Pepsi but the waiter says is coke okay COMMUNIST

    Colton ThompsonColton Thompson3 dager siden
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  • Fun fact:Hitler was inbred. Thats all.

    goran barićgoran barić3 dager siden
  • uhhhhh stalin bad, the east bad, THE WEST GOOD yess lets make a video about it!!! comunizm destroyed the world, lets put this too!

    Diza KDiza K3 dager siden
  • This is for school but this is fun

    Lyn Azure arzoctLyn Azure arzoct3 dager siden
  • Is anyone gonna talk about that at 14:54 , All the catchphrases and criticism of Oversimplified is on the wall??

    Advai ShuklaAdvai Shukla3 dager siden
  • Yugoslavia wasn't a Soviet puppet state...

    Dario KellettDario Kellett3 dager siden
  • what was mexico doing then?

  • where the hell is that version of the soviet anthem from?

    Galileo ChiuGalileo Chiu3 dager siden
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  • 14:12

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  • 12:00

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  • Why you can’t invade Russia or the USA 1.USA would probably nuke you 2. Russia would just hold on till winter then push you back

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    Bruh bruhBruh bruh4 dager siden
  • 11:47-12:07 America in 2021, but replace Communist with “racist” and “fascist”.

    Sir VaderSir Vader4 dager siden
  • the version of the USSR anthem is fantastic , where did u get it ?'

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  • 15:00 “When’s the next video?” “Upload more videos” “Dude, Uncool.”

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