The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

30. aug.. 2018
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  • 6:40 favorite part

    Daniel VallesDaniel Valles49 minutter siden
  • I wish my school would show us these videos

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  • Turn on UK substitutes at 2:54.

    HarmanHarman4 timer siden
  • time spam - 13:22

    olivia mcnallyolivia mcnally12 timer siden
  • The earth is round right? WRONG ITS FLAT

    Steppa TSteppa T15 timer siden
    • Please tell me you're joking lmao

      Jay The Music GuyJay The Music Guy11 timer siden
  • This is my favorite video from you I love it 😍 part 2 as well

    Jorj TarbinyanJorj Tarbinyan15 timer siden
  • Love the video but why is the America’s discovery always defined as the first white people to land there when you had Native Americans already living there for thousands of years?

    E M.E M.17 timer siden
  • Condensed, accurate history is one thing - but if it's also hilariously witty ? Well that's just one big win - damn fine work 🍻

    Adam FrazerAdam Frazer20 timer siden
  • Just realised if that fog did not happend british would have wkn

    saidul ahadsaidul ahad21 time siden
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  • In the future, you should consult someone who lives in these places beforehand. Hearing "Concorde" is super distracting, and I keep thinking of the British jet. New England has a lot of towns that are pronounced differently than the word appears. Like Worcester.

    Laslen MaidaLaslen MaidaDag siden
  • My teacher watch this video in class beacause she didn't know that there was some bad words, and we heard them, the whole class heard them and we're laughing 😅

    Anita CanalesAnita CanalesDag siden
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  • 11:21 the fucking *p l a p*

    Dizzy cordDizzy cordDag siden
  • As always great segway😂

    Elizabeth CalvertElizabeth CalvertDag siden
  • Ah, brings back old memories

    John Adams REALJohn Adams REALDag siden
  • The difference in the way the same history is interpreted by different cultures, is always interesting. Americans interprete these events through the eyes of nation-builders, whereas the British do not. Nation-building, a means to establish who you are, to come together as one, is necessary for any country to develop its own psyche, and often that will include a fair amount of mythologising. In the case of Britain, that mythology is precicely that, its so long ago, no one can actually contradict with any certainty, the legends behind the creation of nationhood. The creation of the USA is different however, its more recent, and much is written down. I would not wish to come between Americans and their history, but many British people see this as a British civil war. Colonial Britons against the British Crown. I suppose you could argue that a declaration makes people American over night, but these colonialists were still mostly first, second, third or fourth generation British, as illustrated by the antecedents of the first 7 Presidents of the USA. I think 'American colonialists', is a geographical or a political term, but not a cultural one. Certainly compared to the make up of the USA today, where the bloodlines are far more diverse, I would have thought these colonialists had so much more commonality with other British people of their time, that they continued to be indefinable from them, for some time after...........

    ArtandyArtandyDag siden
  • I love tea!

    Alex LinAlex LinDag siden
  • Is it just me or does England look like a old man when it has legs and arms

    Lyle KressLyle Kress2 dager siden
  • “And much later Alexander Haimilton” Lin Manuel Miranda: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!

    I_exist _yaayI_exist _yaay2 dager siden
  • This is coming from a brit: We fucking sucked back then. Power hungry. That's what led to the downfall. We all good now tho. Well... We arent waging wars So :p

    aaanyways animatedaaanyways animated2 dager siden
    • Woah the prophecy is true british people exist. Shook.

      Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi2 dager siden
  • I want to show your videos in class but all the sponsorships and adds really worsen the expiriance. I suppose you can make videos without sponsorships and ads in paid form????

    G. Jeff JeffunG. Jeff Jeffun2 dager siden
  • 0:40

    jenk jenkjenk jenk2 dager siden
  • The shot heard around the world? Damn, Americans are so dramatic...

    Elizabeth RosasElizabeth Rosas2 dager siden
  • Did you not subscribe to OverSimplified? Yeah... There's gonna be a tax for that.

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  • imagine this guy as your history teacher... Ive watched this video about 4 times and i never skipped

    AYAY2 dager siden
    • I watched part 1-2 about 6 times. I wish he was my history teacher...

      G. Jeff JeffunG. Jeff Jeffun2 dager siden
  • *when the video started, I just laughed mate*

    Terrence Men the baconTerrence Men the bacon3 dager siden
  • Right

    Tammy FainTammy Fain3 dager siden
  • If you throw rocks at police don't be surprised when they shoot. And they even had so much audacity to burn down the house of the governor of Massachusetts. Gosh, this reminds me of the BLM.

    Leo MikecLeo Mikec3 dager siden
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  • Very nice and interesting vinteo

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  • at 6:46 oversimplified put the need for speed font

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  • The way ads are introduced is so smooth I dont even skip ahead

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  • Americans in 1775-1783: give me liberty or give me death!!! Americans in the twenty-first century: give me my rights and also 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 big macs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ethan HarvardEthan Harvard3 dager siden
  • So the Native Americans where killed or anything right they were just over throned or something like that

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    • What?

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  • Vikings discovered america *Happy irish noises* (we have viking heritage) *happy norway noises*

    irish manirish man3 dager siden
    • @Artandy That's a solid theory... You convinced me.

      G. Jeff JeffunG. Jeff JeffunDag siden
    • @G. Jeff Jeffun Maybe Mussolini was a Viking too........

      ArtandyArtandyDag siden
    • why is you profile picture of "Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini"?

      G. Jeff JeffunG. Jeff Jeffun2 dager siden
  • 1:00

    HanHan4 dager siden
  • He didnt yell "the british are coming", americans considered themselves british at the time. He yelled "the regulars are coming"

    Huff_PuffHuff_Puff4 dager siden
  • Columbus: Holy smokes Christ: I don’t smoke

    Yashyca AlfaroYashyca Alfaro4 dager siden
  • i bet i could watch this for hour not going lie

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  • 10:50: hes a British king....its ‘arse’

    Voltmatrix 1Voltmatrix 14 dager siden
  • I have data so I can watch NOworld:D

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  • Make a seven years war

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  • No one: Not even george washington: Hamilton fans: *let us introduce ourselves*

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    • Her

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  • Ty this can help dor my exam

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  • How about a video about the 7 year long major global conflict?

    YourBoySlothYourBoySloth4 dager siden
  • Europe didn't discover americans, there were already many tribes way before they came


    prasad kakumanuprasad kakumanu4 dager siden
  • Great job warning the Patriots, Paul riviere! Thanks What happened to that other guy? Who? Jack Black. Never heard of him. Ouch

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  • friends: How do you know so much about the french revolution (reference to another video) Me: Oversimplified Mom: How do you know so much about the origin of the English language (reference to another video) Me: Oversimplified Sisters: How do you know so much about Hitler (reference to another video) Me: Oversimplified Teacher: How do you know so much about Alexander Hamilton (reference to another video) Class: Hamilton...

    Brice DaleBrice Dale4 dager siden
    • @Divine James yesh my brotheren

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    • Let us go on a conquest to find other Hamilkin!

      Divine JamesDivine James3 dager siden
    • @Divine James sister...

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    • Yes my dearest, brother ( notice how I put a comma)

      Divine JamesDivine James3 dager siden
    • @Divine James Hamilkin one and for all under Alex Hamham himself!

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  • Thomas Jefferson also treated his slaves very kindly. Come to find out that when freedom was able for his slaves, they asked to stay. But they didn’t because Thomas Jefferson pleaded with them to live their own lives.

    W.T. KempW.T. Kemp4 dager siden
  • Thomas Jefferson also in his rough draft put how he wanted slavery to be abolished. The reason it was taken out was because Benjamin Franklin said it’s too early to do that. Franklin knew that it would cause a fight. The reason why Jefferson couldn’t just give his slaves freedom is because Virginia Law made it hard. But nobody likes to actually look at history and see the facts. Don’t just take the top. One of the fathers of modern physics said that taking the top of science will make you an atheist. But when you get deep into it, God is waiting for you at the end. Don’t take things lightly. Research, research, research.

    W.T. KempW.T. Kemp4 dager siden
  • We're watching this in class to start studying for the Constitution test! Cheers!

    Vidya S.Vidya S.4 dager siden
  • Why does it look like the countries with arms and legs are slouching

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  • great britain seing the now superpower of USA be like: I raised that boi

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  • U just make normal teacher teach to a fun one. THANK YOU MAN

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  • Other than all his politically correct lies, it's not bad.

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  • Anyone noticed that George III has a Fidget Spinner at home? (7:11)

    Sir MaximilianSir Maximilian5 dager siden
    • Literally everyone had these...

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  • GOOOOOOOLD!!!!!!--

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  • hamak is turkish word

    mehmet sadi bağlımehmet sadi bağlı5 dager siden

    Francesca ManentiFrancesca Manenti5 dager siden
  • That shpeel about Columbus murdering and stealing as he went is total BS. Just wanted to point that out ;)

    RufusMcDufusRufusMcDufus6 dager siden
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Blendi NurkaBlendi Nurka6 dager siden
  • Thomas Jefferson inherited his slaves and back then it wasn’t wise to grant them freedom cause as soon as they left your property other people would capture them and re-sell them. So the safest place for them was with him. Read your history people

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  • This is hilarious, but I don't think I can show this to 5th graders : (

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  • What the f- Me: dont say that

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  • This gives me more information than an indian guy.

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  • _Common sense by Thomas Paine_ Me: *so men say that I’m intense or insane*

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    • @Icy Feather I’ma compel him to include women in the sequel

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    • Oh

      Divine JamesDivine James3 dager siden
    • @Divine James And when I meet Thomas Jefferson

      Icy FeatherIcy Feather3 dager siden
    • That all men are created equal

      Divine JamesDivine James3 dager siden
    • Ayy We hold these truths to be self-evident

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  • Me: *watches Hamilton* Also me: *watches this video* Me: *my musical side is **_satisfied_*

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  • Watch with subtitles...then pause and skip to 2:54...

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  • Hi

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  • But the green mountain boys

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousieBoeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie6 dager siden
  • Militia men are actually called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA yep that's right

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  • TAX COLLECTOR: Do u breath? PERSON: Yeah TAX COLLECTOR: There is a tax for that Person: Dang it...guess i gotta die

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  • If you like the video go to Netflix and search up the movie “The Patriot”. It is the most amazing revolutionary war movie

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  • No the natives discovered America first

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  • We could make a religion out of this

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    • my high school history teacher told us to be careful when saying 'assassin' because it had 'ass' twice, and my english teacher let us watch movies/tv shows on fridays related to our lessons

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  • 6:55 Jamea Monroe is Forgotten

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  • This reminds me of combat madness

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  • We have a bad reputation rip. They called us cruel people when they owned slaves.

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  • hi i love hamilton way to much than i should. i watch it are listen to it evryday i know almost all the songs including ones that didnt make it to the cut i have a hamilton tapstry i have 2 hamilton books and more. oversimplfied; alexander hamilton... me; and theres a million things i havnt done just you wait just you wait when he was twn his father split full of it dept ridden two years later say alex and his mother half dead sitting in there on sent to stent thick yo alex got better but his mother went quick left him with h-.....back to the vid

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  • I wish there were not any bad language because I believe my 4th grade ELL students would enjoy and learn from this... Would it be possible to create an elementary school version?

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  • 6:41 founding fathrs rocall

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  • So... I have a question. British were Celts? Anglo Saxon before this all happened? Then the romans came and left. So.... are the British evolved from Celtic Viking type culture?

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