The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 2)

31. jan.. 2020
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  • Watched this here and left a like, Ludwig Mods just love talking a lot and I couldn't hear this great video D:

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  • 10:49 Armyyyy anyone? Cause, um, me too! 👇

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  • monke buutt

    DinoBoyVinnyDinoBoyVinny5 timer siden
  • He freed the slaves and now BLM is trying to damage his memorial. I dont get it.

    S. AS. A6 timer siden
  • Damn dude Lincoln throwing people to their deaths all in the name for slavery. What a burden to bare.

    BORN IN SALTBORN IN SALT7 timer siden
  • The Confederate soldier who went to care for the Union soldiers wounded beneath them - I could only hope to behave likewise 👍

    Adam FrazerAdam Frazer8 timer siden
  • The only reason why Lee seems to be winning every battle is because most battle during the civil war was intiated by the union offense, Lee most of the time had a homecourt advantage, he knows the geography of virginia hes home state better than the union does, but you all know what happend to lee when he tried to attack the north, the union had the advantage and kicked Lee's butt, now imagine what if the confiderates are the ones doing the offensive most of the time, Lee would have been critiize as a Butcher too.

    Fla FlaFla Fla9 timer siden
  • surprisingly touching

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  • hey ludwig viewers wanting part 2

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  • grant and lee carrying their team sheesh

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  • istg if i see one more bts comment

    vizenvizen18 timer siden
  • 10:52 confederate bts calendar

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  • It’s Longstreet not Jackson

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  • 10:46 not them being k-pop fans☠️🤚🏽

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  • Wait, could the states that seceded vote?

    The Superfluous OneThe Superfluous OneDag siden
  • My -cabbages!!- BEANS!!!

    The Superfluous OneThe Superfluous OneDag siden
  • dirty conferderates. There trying to take the poor mans beans. It's all he got

    Jacob BanksJacob Banks2 dager siden
  • One thing I always found kinda interesting was how teddy rosevelt as a kid watched Lincoln’s funeral parade

    Sheev palpatineSheev palpatine2 dager siden
  • I want a video about the Texan Revolution, that would be very cool.

    William LacyWilliam Lacy2 dager siden
  • 10:51 ohhh look at that beautiful calendar

    Valeria BalderasValeria Balderas2 dager siden
  • Im proud of being America's brother 🇪🇺🇺🇲

    Maximilian WöhlerMaximilian Wöhler2 dager siden
  • A little sad that there was no mention of the Irish immigration supporting the Union troop numbers but this was a great watch. Oversimplified isn't going to get all the details but what really impressed me was the accurate showcase of the politics leading up to this upheaval. Well done.

    Sparrow HawkSparrow Hawk2 dager siden
  • I love the derpy horses in your animations! Also the 13th amendment did not entirely end slavery, as slavery may still be used for punishment of a crime. Also, Grant was the alcoholic that he's commonly depicted as. That is left over from the propaganda war the south won after the civil war ended

    Elizabeth CalvertElizabeth Calvert2 dager siden
  • Why does Jefferson Davis look like Lincoln's evil brother?

    Speed WeedSpeed Weed2 dager siden
  • Honey gives you money and money gives you honey

    Melissa PerparMelissa Perpar2 dager siden
  • 10:51 for all the ARMYs out there

    T PNVT PNV2 dager siden
  • Lincoln was wanted to be president in a time of peace Me: YES YES YES YES he went to a play Me: NO NO NO NO

    Theodore GamerTheodore Gamer2 dager siden
  • These are amazing! Thank you so much!!!

    Justin J. GarciaJustin J. Garcia2 dager siden
    • But..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Amazing!!

      Justin J. GarciaJustin J. Garcia2 dager siden
  • I’m wondering why the confederates have a BTS calendar 😂 10:46

    Mama ZeeMama Zee2 dager siden
  • 12:13 okay

    avery gonzalezavery gonzalez3 dager siden
  • Imagine lee and grant in a fair 1v1

    Dew itDew it3 dager siden
  • Grant is just like “March the peasants into the gas”

    haydenandhaydenhaydenandhayden3 dager siden
  • Fun Fact: They are called 'side burns' because of General Burnside.

    wezackerwezacker3 dager siden
  • 4:17 just a mark

    ZexloidZexloid3 dager siden
  • i think if he had never got assassinated hed be re-elected until his death..... and thats what exactly happened!

    IcwattoIcwatto3 dager siden
  • November 1864 yoga coffee with Lee elections

    Timon UrcikanTimon Urcikan3 dager siden
  • Thank you for your service and commitment Abe, the first Republican. ❤️ And now today, it’s ironic Democrats are taking down Democratic confederates and slave owner statues. 😂💀 But as of recently, they vandalized the statue of Abraham. That’s where I draw the line because hell nah. I don’t care about the democratic figures in the south, but Republican figures like Abraham? Like they vandalized it with poop and paint. By the way, the big switch got debunked. Democrats still rule over poor minority neighborhoods with nothing changing while the south became less racist and more welcoming as democrats left. There’s some other things that debunk it of course.

    LoopyLoopy3 dager siden
    • @CurtFish Films Wrong, each side had conservative values as well. Faith and the right to bear arms. Not only that but it went on until the 1964 civil rights act where republicans as a percentage of their party voted more in the house and senate, while some democrats tried to sustain a filibuster against it and LBJ formulated a new plan and gave them the green light after the filibuster was broken. After which the south was contested and there was a lot of splintering until the 80’s/90’s with newer generations becoming republican and as old kkk leaders and democratic leaders left or died they became more reliably red, with Dinesh D’souza counting up those notable leaders as staying democratic with less than 1% of them converting, and approaching into the 2000’s with modernization and bigotry becoming taboo, is it coincidence that a whole region became less racist as it became republican? No, not long ago South Carolina voted in a black republican locally over a white democrat, and now Candace Owens conservative followers wants her to run for potus in 2024 against joe Biden, who is also a racist democrat if you look up some things he said back then and today, with 4 infamous lines, and being responsible for the 1994 crime act which got many blacks incarcerated and killed along with 2A restriction. It’s weird how LBJ says “we’ll keep those n words votin democratic for the next 200 years.” And strangely those plantations moved to cities/poor neighborhoods where people are conditioned to vote democratic every time but their quality of life stays the same while local democratic politicians get rich/have power. Meanwhile many foreigners have mentioned preferring Texas/the south today because there is a warmness/welcoming vibe and people don’t mind debating about worldly topics, as opposed to northern cities or Cali where people are programmed to believe the same thing and won’t be open to new ideas or traditional beliefs even if you are a conservative of color or are gay, the people are cold and distant etc. A lady from Asia said she preferred Texas because they were welcoming/hospitable and that a white man there walked/helped her figure out how to get home because she was lost, but when she went to the north she found it depressing.

      LoopyLoopyDag siden
    • You know that the beliefs and the policies swapped after Lincoln president run? Lincoln would be considered a Democrat in today’s time

      CurtFish FilmsCurtFish FilmsDag siden
  • pov u watched this at school

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  • Et phone a doctor

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  • that last play was mind blowing

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  • Let us give applause for General McClellan's performance during this Civil War...

    GamingTon WhizGamingTon Whiz4 dager siden
  • That was close at Gettysburg because if they got the left part the could form a circle then trap them then probably invade Washington DC

    Jody BrooksJody Brooks4 dager siden
  • "I didn't lose... I merely FAILED TO WIN!"

    FireGreek116FireGreek1164 dager siden
  • Lincoln will be missed, from his freinds who died, to his enemies who died, he will be miseed by all, no matter the side of the war.

    Noah BartkoNoah Bartko4 dager siden
  • I didn't know much about Lincoln before this. Now my respect for him Skyrocketed

    LonystalLonystal4 dager siden
  • If the confederates used honey they wouldn't run out of steam..

    Mymind 7Mymind 74 dager siden
  • No Joke Grant and Sherman really carried the north

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  • Grant, what a badass

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  • More American History please. You rock

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  • More American History please. You rock

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  • 5:10

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  • hey grant gimmie some tea GRANT me my wish

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    Hannie ChenHannie Chen5 dager siden
  • Wait this video is a year old now?!?!?!?!?

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  • And now they all call republicans as racist and much worse they elected a hypocrite

    Srt tSrt t5 dager siden
    • I mean the party switch happened and yes most republicans have racist mindsets without even knowing lol

      vizenvizen23 timer siden
    • Republicans and Democrats switched sides

      SkinnerClimbsSkinnerClimbs5 dager siden
  • such a nice end for lincoln

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  • This is THE most u.s.a thing in my life

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  • Hello

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  • So the south has better tactics and generals but the Union had the entire economy behind them. Neat.

    Sam BainSam Bain5 dager siden
  • At 20:54 in the top left building is an image of teddy Roosevelt as a child.

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  • I actually joined honey after seeing the pizza advert who wants pizza??????????

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  • if youtube subscribers were army men, pewdiepie would be one great force to rival

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  • Lin-Manuel Miranda should totally write _Lincoln: A Civil Musical_

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  • If John Paul Jones was in the civil war the war would only last 1 week and Lincoln would have won.

    Danish KhanDanish Khan6 dager siden
  • anyone saw that BTS calendar

    wait whatwait what6 dager siden
  • Now his statues were taken down by the very people he tried to free. It's sad and ironic.

    Jeson TjowariJeson Tjowari6 dager siden
    • Lincoln's? No, just the slave owners. Kind of makes sense.

      SkinnerClimbsSkinnerClimbs5 dager siden
  • 10:52 omg who else also noticed the bts poster?😂💓

    Banu YakubovaBanu Yakubova6 dager siden
  • 20:24 “He waited for the laughter to rise.” “Boom headshot.”

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  • Follow Phantomrealmusic

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  • Confederate soldier: God’s on our side! Union soldier: No way! God’s on our side! Confederate soldier: Well why don’t we ask him? Hey god! Who’s side are you on? *God strickes both* Gen Z: OMG GOD SUPPORTED THE CONFEDERACY THUS HE LIMES SLAVERY *I know let’s cancel god*

  • Most think the north won but I think the real winner was the man who saved his beans.

    Gamer DogeGamer Doge7 dager siden
  • 0:57 Yes

    Goofed-Up GamesGoofed-Up Games7 dager siden
  • PLS did anyone else notice "hooker" take over a lot of land

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  • 10:52 it's BTS

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  • Any Bts Armies here ....... cause i think oversimplified is one of em.. 💜💜💜💜💜 10:52

    • Considering which side oversimplified gave that calendar to. . . I wouldn’t say so.

      Godslayer 5658Godslayer 56585 dager siden
    • No

      M.rafif RidhoniM.rafif Ridhoni7 dager siden
  • :'

    Ethan Ford-WileyEthan Ford-Wiley7 dager siden
  • I've watched this series at least three times, and the ending made me choke up every time. Despite myself, I've always been a very pessimistic American; I feel jaded and disgusted as a white man when I learn what my ancestors have done since they came to North America. However, when I learn about people from our history like Lincoln, despite the valid and substantial criticisms I know exist of him, it always reinvigorates my desire to keep pushing our country towards the ideals it was founded to represent. Lincoln gave everything he had because he believed that the Union was worth preserving, and hundreds of thousands of people, of all genders, colors and creeds, did the same. And so I think what I've come to learn from these videos, and as I become more and more educated about my country's history more broadly, is we have completely and utterly failed to live up to our founding ideals. But that never has meant, and never will mean, we can't in the future if we, as a nation, decide to finally make it so. And it's that hope that someday we can make the U.S. take the steps to get there and become a country where all Indian tribes are recognized, our treaties with them respected and equal representation granted to them as valued and respected citizens of both their tribe and the U.S., as well as where we've finally lifted the remnants of slavery and Jim Crow off the shoulders of all our non-white brothers and sisters. It's corny and lame, but this is my honest, genuinely held belief so I honestly don't care: Lincoln always reminds me of our true motto E Pluribus Unum, and I think Lincoln's story is best used as inspiration for us to keep working until our nation finally, truly reflects those words.

    Jordan Jaques-SmithJordan Jaques-Smith7 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who noticed BTS at 10:49 😂

    Parth WaniParth Wani8 dager siden
  • Jefferson Davis looks like old Abraham Lincoln

    Böðvar Aron KristmannssonBöðvar Aron Kristmannsson8 dager siden
  • starts off in the oversimplified way, ends like a memorial

    OblivionOblivion8 dager siden
  • did anyone else see bts on the calendar lol

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  • Robert E Lee was a great general.

    Elias ZiadElias Ziad8 dager siden
  • lincoln: grant you are doing a great job grant: im doing all the work!!!

    zorohibikizorohibiki8 dager siden
  • We need a video on Grant’s life

    Hollow GamingHollow Gaming8 dager siden
  • the grant part made me laugh so hard

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  • Dang this Sherman guy seemed pretty cool, I would really have liked to meet him in Georgia

    William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Sherman8 dager siden
    • @General Sherman, Who is the real general Sherman?

      José Santiago Restrepo GarzónJosé Santiago Restrepo GarzónTime siden
    • Same, he's easily the best Union general

      General ShermanGeneral Sherman5 dager siden
  • hey doesn anyone know the name of the song at 22:12?

    The Guy Who AskedThe Guy Who Asked9 dager siden
  • C’mon upload something

    gustvansgustvans9 dager siden
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  • a week before the confederates surrender

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  • F

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  • Tennessee was actually not under military occupation

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  • Plz do the Franco-Prussian war

    Dunkster 420Dunkster 4209 dager siden
    • YESS

      SkinnerClimbsSkinnerClimbs5 dager siden
  • South should have won this war on freedom

    Matt HamiltonMatt Hamilton9 dager siden
    • @M4TT - Villan slaves were already free once Britain and France freed them slavery was a dieing thing cost to much to keep they American slaves would have been free as well

      Matt HamiltonMatt Hamilton3 dager siden
    • @Matt Hamilton that was a lie told by the south who wouldnt slaves

      M4TT - VillanM4TT - Villan3 dager siden
    • "owning humans? Yeah that's true freedom!"

      SkinnerClimbsSkinnerClimbs5 dager siden
    • @Diego Devito3198 those who dont know history might say that civil war was fought to stop the federal government from interfering in the common mans life

      Matt HamiltonMatt Hamilton7 dager siden
    • You mean the exact opposite of freedom

      Diego Devito3198Diego Devito31987 dager siden
  • Fun at first, emotion at end.

    nicholas zhangnicholas zhang9 dager siden
  • Lincoln was a great leader. Americans were lucky to have leader like him so early.

    Vishal MandeVishal Mande9 dager siden