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  • Can you pleas do the French-prussian War of 1870 and Paris Commune

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  • The lesson: prohibiting drugs is stupid and only makes everything worse.

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  • An thus, the drug epidemic began

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  • And after the raging success with creating some of the most dangerous and violent gangs the world ever saw, the US turned right around and said "lets have some more of that, only worse". And so it banned a bunch of popular drugs and some that was yet to be popular, just in case, for moral reasons and presto. MS-13, El Chapo, Sinaloa Cartel, Los zetas, various Columbian factions etc etc etc.. but hey at least those same drugs are cheaper, more available, more potent and cleaner than ever before. SUCESS!!! ....oh...wait.... nothing is more dangerous to the world than moralists. Those fucking cretins!!!

    Dri VenDri Ven2 timer siden
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  • oversimplified: downloading a song on the internet (pirating it) is illegal. me who is watching while downloading a 30 gb game from the internet : hmmm, who would such a thing.

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  • Still haven’t finished watching this yet

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  • At least the alcohol prohibitionists hammered through a constitutional amendment. The drug prohibitionists that are still in power didn't even do that.

    Arman ArashvandArman Arashvand7 timer siden
  • "Which resulted in many severe cases of illness and death." sir, it seems you have a very severe case of death.

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  • What's most American thing you can think of:- *Not following the metric system.*

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  • You can pretty much replace Alcohol with weed in this and it would still be the same story. Government didn't learn the first time.

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  • The moral of this story is that by prohibiting something, you will always create a blackmarket for it. Being stuck with a blackmarket also means that any statistics you collect or information that you need about it is now private (or secret) and will require costly research and investigation in order to develop actionable intelligence.

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  • The anti-saloon, pro-family groups were doing a great service UNTIL they used political influence to pass laws and ultimately the 18th Amendment. Social pressure WAS WORKING, and alcohol use was declining rapidly. But Prohibition reversed the decline and led to the greatest drinking binge in the history of the country. It also created the greatest surge in crime that USA had ever seen. Today, the do-gooders have made drugs illegal, leading to massive drug culture including violence. 90% of all murders are among drug gangs. Yet people are too STUPID to see that we are making exactly the same mistake that the prohibitionists made. Two asides about Mr Capone: 1. Al Capone was the FIRST major employer in the World to provide full health care coverage to his employees. 2. Al Capone's eldest brother was an agent in the Secret Service serving as a Prohibition enforcer in the West and was also part-time bodyguard for the President of the United States.

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  • This is basically the War on Drugs of the early 20th century. It failed then and it fails now. Al Capone was basically Pablo Escobar.

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  • Was hoping for a mention on how Wheeler's anti-alcohol stance started while working on the family farm, when he was just a kid, and a drunk worker accidentally stabbed Wheeler with a hayfork.

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  • Pleas can u do history on TONES OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES (in honor of Black Lives Matter) SOUTHEASTERN COUNTRIES (in honor of stop Asian hate and raya and the last dragon) AND SCANDINAVIA VIKINGS (cause Vikings are cool and I’m black. )😎😎😎😎😎😎

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    • Pleas can u do history on TONES OF AFRICAN COUNTRIES (in honor of Black Lives Matter) SOUTHEASTERN COUNTRIES (in honor of stop Asian hate and raya and the last dragon) AND SCANDINAVIA VIKINGS (cause Vikings are cool and I’m black. )😎😎😎😎😎😎

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