Hitler - OverSimplified (Part 2)

18. april. 2017
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  • Wow

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  • "I used the democracy to destroy the democracy."

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  • Hilter:iwant that thing

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  • May this is a secret

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  • Hi, i could watch your Video in Germany without a VPN. So congrats on that part

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  • Interesting how the first part of his life is talked about so in depth. And then you just glance over 1936-1945 😂🤦‍♂️

    Das NutzDas Nutz2 dager siden
    • @Joseph MALLOUHI if it’s a video about Hitler, I would guess it would talk about, you know, World War 2.

      Das NutzDas Nutz10 timer siden
    • Lol we know what happened from 36-45

      Joseph MALLOUHIJoseph MALLOUHI12 timer siden
  • Since Hitler lived a life like this, its easy to see why he'd have those extreme beliefs. Many in Germany were switching to the extreme right and left, but Hitler was the one to take action based on his beliefs. His determination is admirable, but his beliefs in the eyes of most and myself; detestable.

    Vanta KenshiVanta Kenshi2 dager siden
  • America sure does love handing out reparations 🙄

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  • How was HYDRA formed lol

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  • 4:44 historically accurate

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  • Fun fact: The color scheme he chose: red , black, white, was the color scheme of Atlantis in Plato's description, because it was believed at the time the German people were related to ancient Atlaneans.

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  • Did he laugh at the night of long knives lol 😂 6:26

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  • 5:15

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  • Basically what Modi is going to do

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  • It still doesn't explain why he hate the Jews

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  • This is crack up---best way to learn history lmfao

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  • Well he did a great job but dude adicted to go to war

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  • 4:14 heh “a breath of fresh air” heh

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  • 8:18 "Soon, his aggressive foreign policies would drag the world into a second tragic global conflict, otherwise known as..." SMACK SMACK SMACK

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  • Teacher: you can't draw lines to save your life Adolf: *no but I can erase them*

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  • 2:16 glitchy bat

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  • "Would you accept Hitler in the art school. Or would you want to kill 10s of millions of lives? Art teacher: 😰

    MOHAB EPICMOHAB EPIC6 dager siden
    • in ww2 75 000 000 people died most of them are civilians china and the USSR are the most affected

      mohamed meskinimohamed meskini3 dager siden
  • 3:16 uhm...

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  • Nazi Germany taught North Korea how to become a good dictatorship like if u agree

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  • This video shouldn’t be demonetized

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  • germany:uh oh allies:be nice give us money axis:i don’t think so in 1945 hitler:”kills himself”

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  • So this is why art teachers always give out good grades

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  • Who else name is Jude and found out that there name meant Jews in German

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  • I'm just watching this now, and the part where he described the Holocaust and how 6 million Jews died (not to mention the sterilization and crazed Hitler Youth) was super depressing.

    G EvansG Evans7 dager siden
  • Plan A: artist Plan B: mas murder and concentration camp maker who is known as the evilist man ever

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  • The art department said that my linework was bad, so I conquered Europe so I could redraw the lines to make them match

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  • Hitler wiped his ass with his certificate man

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  • Why didnt the military turn against hitler?

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  • Imagine if he fucking died in WW1. Smh

    john m.john m.10 dager siden
  • I wish oversimplified would make a video about british empire and all the evilness of it. In total, they were even more evil than Nazi germany but were less known yet.

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  • My whole class watched this right before Echo it’s so good because I know this

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  • 5:53 Execute order 66

    Rodrigo SáenzRodrigo Sáenz11 dager siden
  • You paint conservatives as evil while the liberals of today are the actual Nazis. Ridiculous. History repeats.

    Samurai 215Samurai 21511 dager siden
    • Lol ur ridiculous

      KDH2130KDH21303 dager siden
    • Despite what you here from propaganda videos The Democrats are not radical or far left if you compare the Democrats policy to many countries outside of America mostly Europe they would actually be conservative.

      Zachary TrevinoZachary Trevino3 dager siden
    • Hey, don’t blame him for saying the facts that the Nazi party was EXTREME right, and most of the German populace were indeed moderate conservatives at the time. They didn’t know what they were getting into when voting for Hitler. Conservatives at that time were not evil, they just wished to see Germany’s glory back, and Hitler promised that, they just didn’t know what else they were signing themselves up for.

      Godslayer 5658Godslayer 56584 dager siden
  • 4:20 is what I feel like is happening now in society

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  • I like him now.

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  • 3:01 we do a little trolling

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  • The beginning of ww3.

  • I'm not lose war 😛

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  • If the Art teacher Made Adolf An Artist The World war 2 and Coldwar war wouldn't Exist So Basically Its all Fault to the Art teacher not hitler 😳

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  • is it just me or did he change this thumbnail

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  • His ghost has now come yo haunt us. He is global now. Imagine the stupidity of this generation.

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  • Lol I got a ad for a game that’s based on war

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  • If Germany is the Fatherland and Russia is the Motherland, than Poland is the awkward son no one likes.

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  • Fun fact hitler was scared of cats

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  • if anyone sees this comment plz tell me the song at 0:28 plz and thank you

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  • 5:15 COMMUNISM

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  • Hitler: *fails art school* Also Hitler: *becomes Big Bad Dictator*

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  • its crazy to think that 1 man started the biggest war in history

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    • That's all it takes.

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  • tldw; lelouch is hitler but better

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  • This is why modern art is so bad

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    • He already became

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  • Why do you keep referring to Hitler and the NAZI party as “right wing” or “extreme right?” You know that NAZI stands for national SOCIALIST German workers party, right? Socialists are a leftist organization. Not too sure why you misidentify them repeatedly. SMH.

    Kevin BryantKevin Bryant17 dager siden
    • @Otto Von Bismarck iodine? Learn the language before commenting. You sound like the Uber liberal that you are. Taking guns away from the population, silencing free speech and believing in a large central government are ALL left wing agendas. Do some basic research.

      Kevin BryantKevin Bryant7 minutter siden
    • @Mr Egg good point. But taking away citizens’ guns, silencing political opponents and believing in a strong central government are also huge LEFT wing agendas.

      Kevin BryantKevin Bryant9 minutter siden
    • Do you by any chance also believe that the "Democratic Republic of Korea" is Democratic?

      Mr EggMr Egg4 dager siden
    • Because they were right wing? Just because socialism was in the name didn’t mean squat besides trying to get worker’s support.

      Godslayer 5658Godslayer 56584 dager siden
    • He literally says there full name. By the way they were right-wing (despite what Republicans and other right-wing pundits say). Don’t bother replying I won’t read it and will not respond. You can do your own research and idiot think anything good comes out of a NOworld comment fight. Good day.

      Otto Von BismarckOtto Von Bismarck16 dager siden
  • His art teacher didn't like hitting Ler so he failed Hitler

    King PepeKing Pepe17 dager siden
  • Well Germany is rich today because of Hitler, and all the gold the nazi stole

    Alice SchinaideAlice Schinaide17 dager siden
    • Wrong. Do you're research. Fool.

      JimpyJimpy14 dager siden
    • Um no. Hitler and Nazis literally left Germany a bomb out ruin with no infrastructure, industry, or agriculture. Hitler literally gave an order saying to destroy everything as the Germans didn’t deserve to have it for loosing the war.

      Otto Von BismarckOtto Von Bismarck16 dager siden
  • National anthem of USSR says our great fatherland

    Zeroburb YTZeroburb YT17 dager siden
  • Of hitler would have just used skill share he would have gotten into art school

    jordan stuttsjordan stutts17 dager siden
    • I have seen a LOT of comments like this.

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  • am I the only one who sees Hitler´s mustache as a surprised expression? kind of like the pickachu meme

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  • The fact that this guy has 4 mil subs and big boi views and has small amount of videos(I'm not complaining) makes this channel one of the best for me

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  • "Good and Honest man.." Well.. In his and many others eyes he probably was.. By that times standards, what was going on in the world etc.. It really was the perfect storm for him to be able to rise to power, no matter how sick and twisted alot in his ideology was.. It was disgusting what was done... Just like many other nations and their leaders did during the early 20th century.. He must have had one hell of charisma being able to get people to follow the way they did xD

    MrZani90MrZani9019 dager siden
  • lol imagine the art school principal telling their grandchildren about how they said no to the worlds biggest dictator

    Tanay RaoTanay Rao20 dager siden
  • Hitler was a leftist.

    Harry LongabaughHarry Longabaugh20 dager siden
    • Wtf

      KDH2130KDH21303 dager siden
    • That’s just like saying Stalin was on the right. Which he frankly wasn’t.

      Ian HD UltraIan HD Ultra3 dager siden
    • Tf are you on?

      JimmyJimmy20 dager siden
  • DGP

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  • Sounds like America now

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  • The school that rejected hitler dosen't reject anyone now

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  • That art teacher could've changed history

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  • Almost conquered the world.

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler23 dager siden
  • I’m 11 I’m learning about hitler and my mom says hitler was a evil evil man yes or no

    Sweet FamilySweet Family23 dager siden
    • Hitler was absolutely an evil man. He had 11 million people killed for there religion, ethnicity, political beliefs, nationality, etc. He attempted to exterminate the Jew, Roma, physical and mentally disabled, and the Slavs. There is nothing good that he did that can compare to his atrocities.

      Otto Von BismarckOtto Von Bismarck16 dager siden
    • Hitler was a very evil man. He was racist and was responsible for the death of millions of people. Not just Jews, but diabled people like my little brother were killed for tiny imperfections.

      A. S.A. S.20 dager siden
  • ohh heil hydra come from here

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  • All because he got denied at art school

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  • My plan to get into art school failed and now I am depressed

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  • Oversimplified gives a lot of information. It's also funny.

    Evie WHEELEREvie WHEELER23 dager siden
  • "A political movement that treated him like a god, and hundreds of thousands looking up to him as their savior made him a megalomaniac" Huh this sounds so familiar. It reminds me of the color orange, red hats, and the words "make america great again"

    John AlcalaJohn Alcala24 dager siden
  • Hitlers dad: beats up Hitlers teacher: nah fool Hitler: so.. you have chosen concentration camp..

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