Hitler - OverSimplified (Part 1)

18. april. 2017
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  • Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Just wanted to give this a little more visibility: I'm getting a lot of comments asking me to not take 5 months to make videos, and quite frankly, I agree! I would LOVE to be able to make these on a more regular basis, but the problem is that I gotta eat meaning I gotta get paid meaning I gotta spend time doing things other than OverSimplified. In addition, it seems that these new videos aren't getting many ads on them, probably because they're about Nazis and NOworld's new advertiser-friendly rules are shockingly not keen on Nazis. The revenue reports are coming in and let's just say I'm a lot like Alois at the start of this video; not really rolling in cash (but unlike Alois I'm also not really rolling in women), which is a bit disappointing after months of work (especially the no women part). So if you'd like to see more OverSimplified on a more regular basis, please consider supporting me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/OverSimple Whatever the case, I'll be getting WW2 out as soon as I physically can! Thanks again for all the support!

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  • That baby did not look like he was going to become an honest man

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  • Hey guys I'm failed art school guess I'll move to politics

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  • Poland has a 1000 year history. It was only temporary ( about 100 years not a country) ...its got a long really difficult and interesting history. But it wasn't a new country . So many Polish people in my country died ( my Polish great grandfather was shot in front of his family by Nazi German soldiers ). I've always been interested why Hiltler became this way. Good video. Enjoy your channel :))

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  • "This enraged adolfs father which punished him severely"

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  • If the papers were anti-Semite, then that would make them left-wing - just like the leadership of the "Women's March".

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    • You don't understand what "Oversimplified" means, do you?

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  • Imagine you are a cool high school bully and your victim turn out to be the dictator.

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  • Hitler to Roosevelt, April 1939 : "Mr. President Roosevelt! I readily understand that the size of your empire and the immense wealth of your country permit you to feel responsible for the destinies of the whole world and of all peoples. I, President Roosevelt, am placed on a much more humble and smaller scale. You have 135 million people on 9 ½ million square kilometers. You have a land of tremendous wealth, all natural resources, fertile enough to feed more than half a billion people and provide them with everything they need. I once took over a state which, thanks to its trust in the assurances of another world and the bad regime of its own democratic governance, was facing total ruin. In this state live not 15, as in America, but around 140 people per square kilometer. The fertility of our land cannot be compared with the fertility of yours. We lack countless natural resources, which nature provides in unlimited quantities. The billions of German savings from long years of peace in gold and foreign currency were squeezed from us and taken away. We have lost our colonies. In 1933 I had seven million unemployed people in my country, several million short-time workers, millions impoverished farmers, a destroyed industry, a ruined trade, in short: general chaos. In the past 6 ½ years, therefore, I have always lived the one thought day and night, to awaken the own strength of my people in the face of being abandoned by the whole other world, to increase them to the utmost and to use them to save our community. I have overcome the chaos in Germany, restored order, increased production tremendously in all areas of our national economy, created replacements for the numerous materials we lacked through extreme efforts, paved the way for new inventions, developed traffic life, built huge roads . I dug canals, started gigantic new factories and tried to serve the purposes of social community development, education and the culture of my people. In order to prevent the threats from another world, I not only unified the German people politically, but also armed them militarily, and I continued to try to eliminate sheet by sheet of that treaty which, in its 448 articles, contains the meanest rape ever Peoples and people has been expected. I returned the provinces that had been stolen from us in 1919 to the Reich, I led millions of deeply unhappy Germans torn away from us back home, I restored the millennial historical unity of the German living space, and, Mr. President, I tried to do all of this to do without shedding blood and without causing my people or others the suffering of war. "

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  • I once saw a comment saying that if Russia is the motherland, and Germany is the fatherland, then Poland is the abused child land, and this video reminded me of it

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  • What if one of the reasons why Hitler killed non-ethnic Germans was because some of his classmates (non-ethnic Germans) called him "A Doofus," which enraged him and he punished Europe severly.

  • Oversimplified: Makes a documentary about Hitler *This enraged UK NOworld who punished it severely"

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