Henry VIII - OverSimplified

4. mai. 2020
15 746 997 Ganger

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Marty Gots A Plan
Fast Talkin
Covert Affair
Sneaky Snitch
Exotic Battle
I Knew A Guy
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Kevin Graham - Autumn
LMOP - The Whisper Man
Stanley Gurvich - Puddles
Otis McDonald - Celebration
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  • "Divorced, Beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived, now that's in my head instead of financial advice!"

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  • Were due for a new video soon.

    Cman 1605Cman 16054 timer siden
  • Henry: Hey can I kiss u? Anne: 6 feet, there is a pandemic, plus I am not ur queen.

    Joseph CantarelliJoseph Cantarelli4 timer siden
  • ?? What

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  • 6:05 gotteem

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    Black Tooth GrinBlack Tooth Grin14 timer siden
  • This is the first vid from your channel that I've watched. And OMG I absolutely looooved it. Great work, folks. Thanks for putting in such efforts ♥

    Amruta MahajanAmruta Mahajan14 timer siden
  • Henry VIII - OverSimplified *26 minutes long*

    hayami gachashayami gachas15 timer siden
  • 6:26 is it me or is that binging with babish ?

    Minh TiếnMinh Tiến18 timer siden
  • When the previous king henry be like ”can my son marry his brothers widow" why do i think he bribed the pope?

    Nathan YeNathan Ye18 timer siden
  • Imagine killing you wifes, crazy

    Catherine ParrCatherine Parr19 timer siden
  • Dani “believe in milk wait... we can make a religion out of this.” Dani (2020)

    SrijaySrijay20 timer siden
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    dime linedime line21 time siden
  • The ultimate simp, and he litterally had qeens

    cactaceaeboicactaceaeboi23 timer siden
    • @cactaceaeboi accurately no tho when he was courting Anne he had other mistresses and a whole wife

      Sadie MezzoSadie Mezzo8 timer siden
    • @Sadie Mezzo thats a fair point, but you cant convince me he didnt simp on anne vellin

      cactaceaeboicactaceaeboi15 timer siden
    • Me he cheated on all of them they are only their for public appearances and making sons

      Sadie MezzoSadie Mezzo23 timer siden
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  • 6:05 Ahh! The source of how T * * * * learned to dance to the "YMCA" song at his rally. :p

    Ron PiggottRon PiggottDag siden
  • At 2:54 all the female dolls are beheaded. Damn

    Chris SmithChris SmithDag siden
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  • Henry VIII in 6:04 :I shalt Nev'r giveth thee up. I shalt Nev'r alloweth thee down

    Lia DesembranaLia DesembranaDag siden
  • 🎸🎶🎵”I’m Hen-ery the Eighth, I am....”

    Princess MarlenaPrincess MarlenaDag siden
  • A great book series that follows this period of time is the Shardlake series, about a hunchback lawyer working for the greats of the realm. It starts at the Dissolution of the monasteries and goes on after Henry's death

    Conor GConor GDag siden
  • 6:05 bruh rick roll

    Slicey CakeySlicey CakeyDag siden
    • I found it funny lol

      Mr MeeseeksMr MeeseeksDag siden
  • William the Conqueror watching this from heaven: What have I created

  • not Anne being convicted of incest like they aren’t all related-

    anonymousanonymousDag siden
  • @Anne Boleyn Im in hell

    King henry the 8th of englandKing henry the 8th of englandDag siden
  • Wife: Has a baby girl Executioner: So anyway, I started chopping

    Levi AckermanLevi AckermanDag siden
  • Sigmund : " Do you have any final wishes ?" Henry : " One last conquest in France?'" Sigmund: Sir... You are a true Englishman."

    Tomasz IskierkaTomasz IskierkaDag siden
  • Roflmfao....., "Ew, he looks inbred!"

    Amber Mac CraigAmber Mac CraigDag siden
  • Lmfao., I swear this is BY FAR the best one that I've seen yet from OverSimplified, I laughed the whole time I watched it. I love the little fat headed dead guys w x's on their eyes..., too funny. Thank you, look forward to many more like this!!

    Amber Mac CraigAmber Mac CraigDag siden
  • Did you know King Henry 8 is a distant cosine of mine.

    The Black Cat ChannelThe Black Cat ChannelDag siden
  • Tried to elope but the Pope said nope..

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  • Any six fans here

    person that drawsperson that draws2 dager siden
  • Did anyone notice in 0:46 there are two dolls whose heads are diattached from their body probably representing the two wives he beheaded 😢😢

    Liza RaiLiza Rai2 dager siden
  • Hahahah 😂

    Shona Philippa DouglasShona Philippa Douglas2 dager siden
  • "even his own mother"

    Shona Philippa DouglasShona Philippa Douglas2 dager siden

    GeorgeBushNapalmGamen69 SSGeorgeBushNapalmGamen69 SS2 dager siden
  • I think the king should have taught the young prince Henry the business of ruling

    Krishi BrahmaniaKrishi Brahmania2 dager siden

    Jai WilliamsJai Williams2 dager siden
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  • Henry VII: Fine, I'll make my own church! With blackjack! And hookers!

    Danny GarciaDanny Garcia2 dager siden
  • I love how he started out as a popular chad and slowly became a hated, fat, tyrannical being. It shows that anyone with that much power will eventually become like this

    Your fellow ARMYYour fellow ARMY2 dager siden
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  • 2:26 u play fortnite

  • Kim Jong-un and Henry VIII have a lot of similarities

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  • Hey Dude, can you do an Oversimplified video on the Iceni Rebellion of 60 AD?

    Iron Dragon 1990Iron Dragon 19903 dager siden
  • My birthday is May 19th!

    Plysdyret1Plysdyret13 dager siden

    Pluto dwarf smallPluto dwarf small3 dager siden
  • He actually rick rolled us lol

    PSJobsPSJobs3 dager siden
    • 6:05

      BrubruBrubruDag siden
    • How

      M.rafif RidhoniM.rafif Ridhoni2 dager siden
  • Nice segway for honey 😂

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  • Ah yes, henry VIII was most famous for making the song wonderwall

    ratrat3 dager siden
  • The transition to the honey add actually made me smile it was so good. If only all ads were like that

    Noah HessNoah Hess3 dager siden
  • We all know henry tried the hardest to have me ;)

    Queen Anne BoleynQueen Anne Boleyn3 dager siden
    • @M.rafif Ridhoni >:O

      Queen Anne BoleynQueen Anne Boleyn3 dager siden
    • Lllllll off with your head

      M.rafif RidhoniM.rafif Ridhoni3 dager siden
  • hunter bidens idol :)

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  • Does...does the military use honey?

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  • 18:10

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  • No! Apathy, my one weakness! - This is true for so many religious doctrines that it hurts

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  • Henry was married to 3 Catherine’s... So he was dating Catherine Katherine and Quatherine

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  • “Anyway, here’s wonder wall”

    Casey HowdenCasey Howden4 dager siden
  • Henry woke up and chose violence

    ScarScar4 dager siden
  • I laughed so much, my social studies teacher should quit now...

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  • They did some sinful stuff back then

    Marissa ChamberlainMarissa Chamberlain4 dager siden
  • yea Agreee to youu that POPE was 1 of the most Corrupt leader of religion even up to this Day

    ADD and MINUSADD and MINUS4 dager siden
  • You should be my history teacher

    KanaoKanao4 dager siden
  • If henry had a ton of money, then he should swim in a pool of money.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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  • It doesn't feel that long since this was posted almost a year.

    Marshmallow OwlMarshmallow Owl4 dager siden
  • 12345678900--+

    RockerLockRockerLock4 dager siden
  • Granted, I'm watching this a year after it was made, but kudos for detail on giving the executioner an actual executioner's sword @ 16:18.

    RavenRaven4 dager siden
  • Nobody’s gonna mention how Mary choppethed off peoples heads in the name of Catholicism and that’s why she is the o.g Bloody Mary before all that fake demon shit

    Weave SnatcherWeave Snatcher4 dager siden
  • '' I have a free promo code. What? The financial burden of war??? YEA''

    prasad kakumanuprasad kakumanu5 dager siden
  • I’m sorry but I don’t online shop

    Alan DoyleAlan Doyle5 dager siden
  • "Ew, he looks inbred" "MARY! We're all inbred!" I lost it.

    182 Sirens182 Sirens5 dager siden
  • He is freakin' weard man!

    Didimoni2020Didimoni20205 dager siden
  • Fun fact: French King Francis the first once won a wrestling match against King Henry the eighth.

    Aesthetic MilkAesthetic Milk5 dager siden
  • HAHAHAH A strong chin for a strong boy...... I -

    Crystal LinCrystal Lin5 dager siden
  • Henry VIII: USING RELIGION IN THIS WAY!? Bill Wurtz randomly steps in like: *you can make a religion out of this!*

    Younger brother RuiYounger brother Rui5 dager siden
  • Now they’re ex-wives

    Ben SmithBen Smith5 dager siden
  • 🎶Sorry, not sorry ‘bout what I said. I was just tryna have some fun. Don’t worry, don’t worry. Don’t lose your head, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.🎶

    Ben SmithBen Smith5 dager siden
    • 🎶sorry, not sorry bout what I said. Don’t lose your head🎶

      Ben SmithBen Smith5 dager siden
    • 🎶L-O-L! say oh well, or go to hell🎶

      Ben SmithBen Smith5 dager siden
  • so funny

    Lailah SentaLailah Senta5 dager siden
  • "I shalt nev'r giveth thee up, I shalt nev'r alloweth thee down."

    Keith NatanaelKeith Natanael5 dager siden
  • Henry VIII just rickrolled me, or should i say, ricketh rolledeth thine truly!

    Piyush UdhaoPiyush Udhao5 dager siden